Newpipe app apk download for android
Video playback
Newpipe app apk download for android

Newpipe app apk download for android

the latest free version of newpipe downloader is, a very good video playback tool with free third-party download service, this software is feature-rich and does not take up much memory, you can perform a variety of free convenience services, you can also play and download without ads, very convenient to use, like friends, quickly downloading experience.

Newpipe app apk download for android

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 The latest version of newpipe

Newpipe is a very flexible and universal application that can be used offline. The advanced features also support background playback, picture-in-picture and many other functions, providing a variety of video viewing experiences.

APP Features

- Third-party YouTube client.

- NewPipe is very lightweight and is only 7MB in size.

- There is no need or ability to log into an account, so no custom recommendations.

- It displays a searchable list. It supports variable speed playback, background playback, etc. It supports importing subscription feeds.

APP Fuction

1、The powerful maintenance system also provides users with an excellent experience.

2、Supports multiple video capture formats, providing users with many options.

3、In the suppression of advertising, the overall user experience is very good

4、Clear image quality brings good visual effect


1、The software supports picture-in-picture and background playback functions, so you can watch and comment without logging into your own account,

2.The videos here are completely free, you can also watch all youtube videos here,

3.At the same time, this software can also protect your privacy, the system does not have the ability to access your personal search habits, which also protects your relative privacy,

It is almost the same as the real tube client, except for the recommendation function, you can enter your own tube subscriptions directly into NewPipe Android,


The overall functionality is relatively good and the user experience is comprehensive and high quality.

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