Mpl rogue heist apk dowmload for android
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Mpl rogue heist apk dowmload for android

Mpl rogue heist apk dowmload for android

mpl rogue heist international version is a shooting gun battle game, mainly based on multiplayer teamwork mode of competitive play, where you can participate in a variety of flexible combat, the game play is also very exciting and fun, you can also join the different maps, the operation is also very difficult Oh, come to conquer the battlefield!

Mpl rogue

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mpl rogue heist international introduction

A super fun third person shooter game, in mpl rogue heist players can play with their friends in a competitive 5v5 PK game, flexibly use the physics rebound principle, adjust the shooting angle and direction, eliminate the target you need to take out, experience some exciting adrenaline. Players can also customise the colours and costumes of their weapons, and there are many different modes to play in!

mpl rogue heist overseas features

[Boring] Each player participates in an individual match to transfer the maximum virtual amount to an in-game account. With all other players as opponents, you must choose between surviving or risking a heist of it all. Fast-paced and action-packed; the biggest stealer wins.

[USP] Each game is different and unique as you never know what strategy your opponent will use against you; so you either have to win from the start or play hard to catch up.

[Heist Mode] A unique heist mode where both teams compete for the same goal in a series of events to eventually become champions. Strategy and teamwork are the most sought after skills in this mode.

[Gang War] This is the full-on gun mode. Revenge maybe; your gang versus your opponent's gang. The game is to kill more people at the end of the 7 minute timer, or reach 50 kills first. Winning.

Game Features

1、Flexible choice of weapons to participate in the battle, only then you can have a chance to get the final victory.

2、Unlock more different characters, each character has a different way to play, come and challenge the mission.

3、Simple and easy to use, flexible use of physics rebound principle, adjust the shooting angle and direction, eliminate all kinds of targets.

4、The complex terrain design increases the difficulty of the gun battle, there are many houses in the city, so players can always be careful;

5、Different maps of this city, players can pick up weapons to kill enemies directly, come and experience it.

6、More mission modes give you more fun shooting, follow different missions to fight and try to kill the enemies.

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