Kooup apk download for Android
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Kooup apk download for Android

Kooup apk download for Android

Kooup is an interactive social app game based on constellations. It sets the scene in a mysterious starry world. When you go to love, you can enjoy more convenient interaction through the platform at any time. You can also play games online. Those who like this software Guys, don't miss it.

Kooup apk download for Android

Kooup is a mobile phone software that allows you to meet more interesting friends. In the Xingyu Android APP, users can randomly learn the user information on the platform. If they feel suitable, they can chat with each other privately, and it also supports offline dating functions. If you find information that you are not interested in, you can directly click refresh to continue viewing. The software is very convenient to use. If you are interested, come and download it!

Kooup gameplay:

1.Keep tapping the screen to generate centrifugal force away from the center, avoid obstacles, and collect memory fragments of the planet

2.Players need to arrange the out-of-order sentences into a complete story according to the collected fragments

3.Go through the levels, collect stories and souvenirs, and unlock more romantic stories

Kooup Highlights:

1. Online K-song, meet friends through online song ordering and singing, chat and sing, and win praise and encouragement for your singing.

2. The love planet gameplay provides opportunities for players of the opposite sex to bond and interact, and warm companionship is everywhere.

3. Interactive room gameplay, looking for like-minded game playmates, sparring, and cross-platform game hacking.

4. Who is the undercover game, the fun game opens with laughter, and the voice interaction enhances the multiplayer mic game experience.

Kooup Features:

1.The light of the constellation will take you to see the world you have never seen before, the bell agrees or rejects, your partner, girlfriend or best friend, you have the final say! Use the true will of the heart to choose the confidantes who share the same interests. Socializing is not restricted, say goodbye to social fears!

2.Meet the stars and meet the Android version, go both ways. Combining the characteristics of each constellation to interpret, analyze the emotional interweaving between different constellations, so that people's emotions can be released easily.

3.In the new era of big data evolution, intelligent matching will help you find a good partner.

4.Let the radio waves collect people's delicate thoughts and send them across the starry sky and universe to the hands of fate. When the thoughts accumulate over time to form a certain emotion, the fate drawn by fate will appear in front of you.

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