Notability app apk download for android
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Notability app apk download for android

Notability app apk download for android

Notability Mobile is a simple and refreshing electronic note taking software that helps you easily record all kinds of things to do, supports annotating manuscripts, drafting ideas, recording speeches and so on anytime and anywhere, and also allows you to create, share and manage your notes centrally, using the software to combine handwriting, typing, audio recording and photos together, so that you can easily create the corresponding notes as you need.


The software supports various recording methods such as text, picture and voice, and also has various functions such as importing, sharing, searching, recording and playing, which can greatly improve users' learning efficiency. In addition, notability software can support cloud synchronization, and you can easily see your notes even from different devices after logging in. It is also specially designed for different platforms to enhance the best note taking experience in school, home, and workplace, which is very powerful, and those who are interested are welcome to download and experience it.

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Software Features

1、Adopts the form of four quadrants, dividing things into four categories according to the degree of importance and urgency.
2, the use of the form of timeline to organize things, things in chronological order, connecting history and the future.
3、notability has the function of teamwork, users can delegate things to other members to complete, and the completion status of the executor is also clear.
4、Provides a simple and effective way to evaluate performance, who's contribution in the team is big and who's contribution is small, a data to solve the problem.
5、It pays much attention to the privacy protection of users, private and public affairs are completely separated, any content in [My Private Affairs] can only be seen by yourself, while tasks in public groups can be shared among members.

Tutorial of notability

1, open the app is the notes management interface, you can manage the classification of notes.

2, notes interface can be selected for the paper, paper background and lines can be selected.

3, support for text input, text mode can set the font, size, color, bold, underline, italic and different paragraph format and indentation, you can also collect the commonly used text format, a key to use.

4, the brush gives two choices, respectively, the pen (ballpoint pen) and marker. Brush thickness support 12 sizes, color support 32 kinds, although you can not customize the color, but given are more practical and good-looking, but also to save the trouble of selection difficulties;.

5, the entire note is best used than the scissors tool, you can hand-written content selected for editing, support for different operations such as stretching, moving, copying, cutting.

6, support for the insertion of different media, such as pictures, shapes, sticky notes, the inserted media can also be edited.

7. previewing and editing of all pages, and adding tags with one click for key collection pages.

8, notes can be exported to different apps, also supports printing function.

Software Fuction

1、Create memorable multimedia notes

Use a variety of notes, journaling and drawing tools, such as ink pens, highlighters, text and audio.
The continuous page scrolling feature helps you explore endless ideas.
Mark up imported textbooks, scripts, teaching slides, class assignments, and pictures.
Add photos, GIFs, web pages, and more.
Organize your materials and go paperless

2. Take your notes with you, but without the weight and hassle and paper waste.

Sort notes with customizable topics and dividers.
Quickly search for handwritten text*, typed text, PDF text, image text, and note titles.

3. Handwritten text and natural scanning

The ink pen has been fine-tuned to give you the most responsive and accurate writing experience to date, including
Double-tap gestures for switching tools and erasing, etc.
Create custom colors or use the color picker dropper to select any color.
Easily create the perfect shape.
Erase hand-drawn ink or shapes with precision using different brush sizes.
Quickly switch between ink and eraser styles with the Favorites toolbar.

4. Record and play audio

With audio recording, you can benefit more from lectures and meetings.
Play back the recording and click anywhere in your notes to hear the audio content at the corresponding point in time.

5、Share your ideas using presentation mode

Share your ideas in full-screen mode so you're not distracted by toolbars when connected to external devices.
Interact with your audience with Notability's eighteen tools, such as a laser pointer.

6. Use the multiple notes feature to work on more things at once

Work on two notes side-by-side.
Quickly switch between notes and drag and drop to write text, enter text, images and more.

7、You can type anywhere

Full-featured, left-aligned typing, with word count and various fonts, custom fonts, sizes and colors.
Create outlines, interactive lists and text boxes.

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