Lovebox apk download for Android
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Lovebox apk download for Android

Lovebox apk download for Android

Lovebox is a social software specially designed for couples to record their love and communication. It has launched a lot of new couple interaction functions and gameplay scene modes. Here, you can share love moments and discover more interesting things. If you are interested, come download and experience it!

Lovebox apk download for Android

Lovebox is a software set for couples. Lovebox can provide users with social chat and love records. At the same time, the software can also help users convey their own love for their loved ones.

In this APP, the software will record according to the user's usage time, where the sweetness between couples will be recorded directly. Software can be a bystander to witness your love.

Lovebox function introduction:

Couple space: earn gold coins by doing tasks, and build an ideal love nest together;

Pet Raising: Taking care of furry children at home, turns out this is what it's like to be a parent

Refrigerator sticker message: Leave a message to TA with a refrigerator sticker, which will make you feel more like home.

Heart-to-heart communication: click when you want to TA, and convey your heart with one click

Distance viewing: real-time viewing of distance, no need to worry no matter how far apart

Tacit understanding challenge: tacit understanding cultivation tool, start to understand all aspects of TA from here

Generate two-dimensional couple photos: We are the same cute when we are different, and we are a good match in another dimension.

Lovebox software advantages:

1. Heart-to-heart distance, the most direct distance map, allows both parties to better understand the distance and length between each other, so that two people are on the same map.

2. Heart is silent, no need to use heart to express your thoughts, no need to use words, just click on each other to convey your love and thoughts.

3, mind test, test each other's feelings, as well as mutual understanding. Most of the questions in the mind test refer to the other person's habits.

Lovebox software highlights:

1. A love with intentions is sweet. In Lovebox, we can record those special days for you every day.

2. Witness the love of both parties and bring you more interesting memories.

3. Come to meet the challenge at any time and enjoy your own love journey in the game.

Lovebox Availability:

  • Embarrassed to speak when you want to love someone
  • I always feel that the two of them don't get along well
  • Long distance love has nothing to say
  • lack of love


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