Crossy Road app apk download android lastest version
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Crossy Road app apk download android lastest version

Crossy Road app apk download android lastest version

Crossy Road is a very fun pixel fun game, the game screen is exquisite, simple gameplay, just click and slide to complete all the operations. Collect gold coins along the way to unlock more props and character skins. If you like it, come and download and try it out!

Crossy Road app apk download android lastest version

Crossy road game introduction

Cute casual puzzle game. The game play is very simple, click the screen small animals will go forward. If you need to turn the movement, you only need to slide the screen. In this game, players have to help all kinds of small animals to cross the road safely. You can collect gold coins to unlock new animals in the middle. In addition to the road, sometimes you have to cross the river, etc. The more roads you cross, the better.

The more roads you cross, the better.

The game features

"Colorful gameplay and rewards anytime, anywhere!" -gamezebo

Mission system - Get gold by completing missions

Play Daily Crossing on the big screen of Android tv!

Never lose your character again! Login to google play in the game settings to save your character, progress, score and achievements!

"You can play it for two minutes or two hours, you'll love it so much you won't be able to put it down for a second, it's one of the best mobile games I've narrowed down to recently" - touch arcade

Come cross the street with 90 million players worldwide!

9 new Korean characters

Play with psy and experience the new dance mode!

Game features

Randomly changing scenes, giving you a different kind of exciting adventure!

Experience the fun of unlocking pets by collecting gold coins!

Unlimited breakthrough mode, sadistic and abusive ranking battle!

Daily gift box, regular harvest surprises!

Seemingly simple operation, but the high score is very difficult to break through!

New Chinese style elements, ''Dragon & Panda'' appear on the roadside!

100+ cute little monsters join us, each with their own skills!

How to play

1, pay attention to the train. Although the road, but the road is still built next to the train tracks, compared to the speed of the car on the road, the train can be said to be the speed of the wind, players if you are in the train tracks and the train is coming, basically there is no reaction time to avoid, so how to deal with it? In fact, there is a set of traffic lights next to the track, when the red light is on we should pay attention to dodge, because the train is coming.

2, lateral movement to find a chance to live. Players in playing this game do not fall into the mindset of only vertical movement, in fact, sometimes lateral movement will also have a good effect, especially when the character is about to break away from the screen, and the vehicles on the road immediately, at this point in place and straight ahead are dead end, we can try to move laterally to find a way out, may be able to bring us unexpected surprises.

3, pay attention to the time, do not dawdle too long. Time for players to get the score does not have any impact, but players in the road when still can not be too much procrastination, the game screen will slowly move up, if the players in the road side is slow to move, then it is easy to be thrown off the screen, then even if the game failed, so when the break is broken.

4, finger sliding position do not block the line of sight. The game players slide fingers can control the direction of the main character's movement, where the slide can include any position in the game screen, as long as the sliding action in the screen characters will move accordingly, so players in the game as far as possible when the fingers let go, do not let the fingers block the two sides of the route, or when the vehicle rushed out players will not notice.

The game is endless mode, and there is no level of such design, players have to help the main character cross the road, and dodge the back and forth vehicles, finger up and down, slide the screen can control the movement of the character. The game players get the score according to the character's action steps, but only one step forward will increase a, left and right movement does not increase the score, of course, backward will not reduce the score.

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