FNaF 6 apk download Pizzeria Simulator
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FNaF 6 apk download Pizzeria Simulator

FNaF 6 apk download Pizzeria Simulator

FNaF 6: Pizzeria Simulator is a fun adventure puzzle mobile game. The classic gameplay and new game content are very interesting. Various thrilling background music will make you creepy. Complete the challenge in this terrifying game atmosphere!

FNaF 6 apk download Pizzeria Simulator

FNaF 6 is a small game that many players like recently. It can bring you more exciting game scenes, different exciting game content, and a lot of stories. You can slowly Constantly experience here.

FNaF 6 Game Features:

1. At first it was just tossing pizza, but later it became much more interesting, players can better browse and operate in their own pizza shop, browse our catalog;

2. Shut down your company here, pay attention to what may be lurking in the ventilation duct, if something catches your eye, turn the flashlight directly to the vent to drive it away;

3. The most important thing here is to ensure that all the equipment is working properly. After a busy day, you can directly use the files after sorting them out.

FNaF 6 Game Highlights:

1. An unforgettable midnight adventure game that turns once-cute teddy bears into terrifying shadows

2. Observe the activity routes of the teddy bears through the closed-circuit monitor, control more music and limit the activities of the teddy bears

3. Rich and diverse levels and various props, every time you are on the verge of failure, it is extremely exciting to play

FNaF 6 game content:

1. Everyone can buy something here. In the pizza shop, to answer the advertisement that can bring you income, there will be a gray line in the lower right corner

2. It allows you to go to the office to work, click on the word with an exclamation mark, click on the word, it fixes a problem and can continue

3. You go on to fix the others, this job is a better fix for the system, the second is to see where the teddy bear is, the third is to put the audio

4. When you are finished, click the computer page to the fixed place of the system, and then click the last line of English to continue.

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