App cloner app apk download for android
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App cloner app apk download for android

App cloner apk download for android

App cloner is a system application tool that can save all the data on your phone and upload it to the cloud. Because the original version of the software does not support Chinese, which very much affects the user experience, so today I bring you the Chinese version of the App Cloner app, this version has been fully Chinese, the operation is very simple, come and try it! In addition, whether it is documents, pictures, videos or applications, just register an account, you can transfer all the information resources on your own phone at any time, these resources can also be shared by others together.

App cloner apk download for android

Enough to make an identical clone version of the application in your smartphone or tablet. The only difference between the original and the clone version is that the clone version does not have an official certificate, which in turn makes some programs not work properly. In fact, except for a few special applications, almost all games and programs can be cloned It is a convenient application, especially for those who want to log in to multiple accounts of the same service at the same time. With this easy-to-use program, it is possible to clone a program in a few seconds. Welcome to download and experience it if you like.

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Software features

1、The customization function is too powerful to be seen ......
2, application cloning app is through unlimited cloning double open assistant, double open master can open N...... microsoft, and all can use xp framework, the gods!
3, not all applications can be cloned! But already very rich.
4, hint: micro credit for marketing or improper use may be blocked!

Software features

1, the cloned application will run independently of the original application. This means that the cloned application will not be automatically updated.
2, the cloned application can also be used to target single-account applications.
3, using the application clone, you can create a copy of the installed application.
4, the cloned application will use specific settings and local file storage.
5、You can also rename the cloned app and modify the launcher icon to distinguish it from the original app.

Update Log

Version v2.13.1
1、Optimized user experience
2、Fixed some known bugs

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