Mint Browser apk download for Android
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Mint Browser apk download for Android

Mint Browser apk download for Android

Mint Browser is a lightweight browser that is very convenient and refreshing to use. Quick start, mini package body, safe and reliable. The browser takes into account the smallest size and the best performance. It is the best choice for browsing, searching, downloading, watching videos, playing games, online shopping, and social sharing!

Mint Browser apk download for Android

Xiaomi's Mint browser offers fast startup speeds that load pages faster, the company says. Xiaomi also claims that the browser design is ad-free, providing users with a browsing experience free of pop-up ads. Users also have access to voice search, which means they can search without having to type anything.

The browser also comes with a fully functional user interface, including reading mode, incognito mode, and more. Users can also use the data saving option when using the official version of Xiaomi Mint Browser. The browser was launched to provide a faster browsing experience and low memory consumption. It has data compression and low storage and RAM requirements, but includes features that come with most other browsers, such as tabs, incognito mode, and more. Come download and experience it.

Mint Browser Features:

  • Less memory consumption and faster startup speed, giving you a fast Internet experience.
  • Refreshing and pure, simple and practical, it brings the most comfortable browsing experience.
  • Free your hands, no need to type, just say what you want to search!
  • Incognito mode, night mode, data saving without pictures... all the functions you want.

Mint Browser software features:

1. Almost the same browser function as Xiaomi mobile phone, but without ads.

2. The video cache function is the same, and the usage is the same.

3. Support custom shortcut website.

4. Since it is inconvenient to use various products after replacing one and adding 7P, I searched for it, and the result is really there.

Mint Browser Advantages:

1. A simple and free browser application, the interface does not have any advertisements, the editor likes this simple browser very much, the search speed is fast and it is very easy to use.

2. It supports incognito browsing, so you don't have to worry about your privacy, and it has no-picture browsing, which saves traffic, supports quick addition of commonly used websites, and is practical.

3. It is very convenient for you to search, download and watch videos, has a small size and optimal performance, and has a variety of search engines to switch.

4. Support voice search mode, let you completely free your hands, clean and simple browser, and stay away from the problem of spam advertising push.

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