wormateio game app apk download for android
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wormateio game app apk download for android

wormateio game app apk download for android

wormateio is a very popular mobile game now, you can feel the latest gameplay of the io game here, its operation method is similar to the snake battle, and there are all kinds of very special skins. Friends who like it can come 627a.com download.

wormateio game app apk download

wormateio game features:

Front left/right

Turning requires a certain swing range. When the other party wants to escape, lock it directly. The other party will either fail to brake and hit him, or he can’t control the time to hit the corner, or he will risk being strangled. suicide before.

tail wagging

When the opponent is above or below you, move directly in the opposite direction. Due to inertia, the middle of the snake will go down like a whip. It will hit his head.

insert kill

When the opponent is about to form a vertical angle, and then press the acceleration, the opponent may be overwhelmed and hit our body.

face to face

Use the body to get close to the opponent, then grab the moment when our body is parallel to the opponent's head, stick it on (left, right), and kill the opponent, but this is a bit dangerous, and it may be counter-killed.

Game Features:

Little Snake's Counterattack: The game is no longer the world of the big snake. In the big snake battle, the shock of the little snake's counterattack will make you want to stop.

Enhance social interaction: In the game, you can chat with other players in the channel to exchange technology, and there will be many cute mm players in it.

Watching system: You can finally watch other snakes and snakes. Watching is an important way to learn how to improve your skills.

Cute picture: cute little snakes of various colors for you to choose from.

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