Minesweeper arbiter app apk download for android
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Minesweeper arbiter app apk download for android

Minesweeper arbiter app apk download for android

Minesweeper Arbiter is a very fun minesweeper game. The interface of the whole game is quite simple and the operation is very simple.

Minesweeper arbiter app apk

Players can play the game quickly and directly, and experience the most classic minesweeping gameplay. It is a must-have game for your leisure decompression. Interested Come to this site to download it.

About Minesweeper Arbiter:

Presenting you a new modern classic minesweeper. Apart from a clean look, it is also designed for intuitive gameplay. Animations and various themes make it easy on your hands. With this app, the old familiar and classic minesweeper has never felt so fresh.

Minesweeper Arbiter Features:

Time accurate to hundredths of a second

Bureau of Records will automatically save

Tabulate details for time, 3bv/s, IOE, IOS, and RQP records for both marked and unmarked

Very detailed statistics, you can even define new data information yourself

Can upload grades to IRC chat room

5 different game skins

You can customize the recordings you want to save automatically

Save game screenshots in different formats

Minesweeper Arbiter Advantages:

Variable minefield.

Classic game.

Adapt to the screen.

Minesweeper Arbiter Highlights:

Challenge your friends to see if they can beat your score; sharing is caring, beating your friends and family at your favorite game? Well, we all have to make good memories in some way! Get your friends and gaming family involved and get all the bragging rights today!

Find out who will be the Minesweeper King! It could be you, or it could be that virtual stranger thousands of miles away - you won't know until you play!

Did you do it wrong? don’t worry. Put it back now!

Auto save. It will save if you haven't finished Minesweeper. You can continue at any time.

Learning how to play; new to the game? Check out the help menu to learn how to play Minesweeper for free!

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