umu interactive platform apk download for android
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umu interactive platform apk download for android

umu interactive platform apk download for android

The official version of umu interactive platform is a learning and exchange application software, fast video recording, online and offline combination, and interactive way to share with like-minded friends exchange, many features, what are you waiting for, hurry to download it!

umu interactive platform apk download for android

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The latest version of umu interactive platform mobile version Introduction.

UMU interactive platform app through UMU's questionnaire, sign-in, question, discussion, photo, test, lottery and game eight interactive links, complete the questionnaire, icebreaker mini game, Q&A, free discussion, group photo on the wall, small test, lottery and other on-stage and off-stage interaction, significantly improve the effectiveness of the event.
It is a way of learning. It is a mobile Internet product that connects onstage and offstage through "interactive links" during live events, and creates, organizes and precipitates micro-lessons through simple recording and sharing during online lectures, and is suitable for micro-lessons, training, teaching, presentations, lectures, conferences and other occasions, allowing each participant to integrate, share and gain.

The latest version of umu interactive platform features.

1、Real-time shocking presentation of live interactive results on the big screen

2、Organize, generate and share micro-class content

3、Activity data is permanently saved, one key to share and generate reports

4, questionnaires, sign-in, questions, discussions, photos, exams, lotteries and games eight interactive links

Software Highlights

UMU is a 2265 teaching aid for instructors, helping them to create courses modularly and easily.

- Use UMU graphics, audio, video, micro-lessons, live streaming, etc. to easily extract teaching content.

- Use UMU to sign in, take exams, questionnaires, discussions, photos, lotteries and other interactions to effectively improve the teaching effect.

Everyone can learn UMU is student-centered and helps students love learning

- The course points system quantifies learning behavior and motivates students through medals, tasks, leveling and rankings.

- UMU supports students' interaction, practice, application, and sharing, which can improve the learning effect comprehensively.

What's New.

Version v5.22.0

UMU added "Korean" language support to meet the needs of more languages and regions.

Function point optimization: In the "Student Management" section of the course, tutors support to add points for students based on their recognition of learning, and this time add the function point of subtracting points for students.

Version v5.18.0

UMU adds "AI Subtitle" function: When creating a video or voice micro-lesson, tutors can add subtitles to the video or voice micro-lesson automatically by turning on the AI Subtitle switch with one click, and tutors can also edit the subtitles.

UMU is committed to providing you with innovative features and wonderful experiences in teaching, learning, practicing, using and testing, so please make sure all users upgrade and have a brand new experience.

Version v5.13.0

The ai micro-lesson function is newly upgraded to support automatic conversion of ppt to micro-lesson, and you can view the video of ai micro-lesson vignettes on your cell phone after the upgrade.

Version v5.5.0

1. Optimize personal homepage, the new version of personal homepage will display learning data, selected messages, my managed learning circle, my joined learning circle, my managed courses and my joined courses. Also support to show and hide courses and study circles.

2. Support to send message to others, support to send invitation message card.

3. Support to show the selected messages on my personal page.

Version v5.3.2

Increase the length of voice assignment submission from 10 minutes to 30 minutes.

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