Calculator app apk download for android
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Calculator app apk download for android

Calculator app apk download for android

Quickly solve a variety of calculations, conversion calculator, solve life calculation problems.Calculations, bookkeeping, reports, memos all in one app!
Calculator, scientific calculator, fraction calculator, exchange rate conversion, tax calculator, mortgage calculator, car loan calculator, five insurance, date calculator, binary conversion, custom formula, unit conversion, relatives calculator, etc. as one, the perfect solution for all kinds of calculations, conversion super calculator!
With history record, voice broadcast, capitalization conversion, copy results, simple and convenient operation!
Many beautiful themes to switch at will, the face control must have!


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Main functions

1 Calculator function: calculation of expressions, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of numbers, common financial calculator
2 unit conversion function: temperature conversion, mass conversion, length conversion, power conversion
Energy conversion, speed conversion, area conversion, volume conversion, time conversion, bit rate conversion
3 BMI calculator: body mass index calculation, input height and weight, calculate BMI body mass index, fat and thin values are clear, suitable for daily use of weight loss people.
4 uppercase number conversion: finance-specific uppercase number conversion, enter numbers for one-click conversion
5 Mortgage calculator: commercial loans, provident fund loans, combined loans one-click calculation.
Total loan amount, total interest amount, and monthly loan payment at a glance.
6 Exchange rate conversion: global currency exchange rate conversion, currency conversion

Calculator update notes.

1 Optimize the software experience
2 Fix known problems
Calculator 6.2.0 Download and installation instructions.

There are many ways to download the calculator to the top of your phone. For Android phones, you can download and install it with one click from PeaPod or PP Assistant. You can also scan the QR code on your computer to get the download link! If you have a cell phone, you can also download the latest Calculator 6.2.0 directly from your cell phone.

Step 1.
First, we should have a browser in the phone, I prefer to use UC browser, of course, you can use the phone are self-contained web browser, my side of the use of Huawei cell phone to download the latest calculator

Step 2.
Open UC Browser or your own browser, we directly enter the latest calculator download and installation or the latest calculator APP download on the address bar. Then click search, we can see the search results are listed, which are all related to the calculator download information download site, of course, we recommend that you choose PP Assistant, Pea Pod, such a more well-known site to download more secure and reliable

Step 3.
Choose to enter one of the calculator APP download pages, we can see that the head of the website provides links to download calculators, there are safe downloads and ordinary downloads, the best choice is to choose safe downloads if you can

Step 4.
Then the web page prompts for the download content. At this point, we do not need to change the file name, as for the file save path, we can change it or not according to our personal preferences, here I choose the default path. Click OK, you can see that the file has begun to download, we wait for him to finish downloading and installation.

Step 5.
When you return to your desktop, you will see that you have installed the latest Calculator 6.2.0.

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