Google Earth apk download for Android
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Google Earth apk download for Android

Google Earth apk download for Android

Google Earth mobile version for Android is a Google Earth satellite map software, an Earth satellite positioning software independently developed by Google.

Google Earth apk download for Android

Users can see their position in real time through their mobile phones, and they can also see images of the earth. They can also see every corner of the earth through satellites, and they can also see the scene in outer space. Friends who need it can download and use it.

Google Earth software introduction:

With Google Earth for Android, you can fly across the planet with just a swipe of your fingertips. Explore distant continents or relive your childhood home. Search cities, places and businesses by voice. Browse various layers including roads, boundaries, places, photos, and more.

Visit the Google Earth Gallery to discover exciting map details such as live earthquakes, planes in the sky, hiking trails, city tours, and more.

Google Earth latest version features:

1. Combine satellite images, maps, and powerful Google search technology; global geographic information is at hand.

2. From a space odyssey to a glimpse of a neighbor;

3. Destination input, directly zoom in;

4. Search for schools, parks, restaurants, hotels;

5. Get driving directions;

6. Provide 3D terrain and buildings, and its viewing angle supports tilt or rotation;

7. Save and share searches and favorites;

8. Add your own comments.


1. Swipe the screen with one finger to turn the globe

2. Double-tap the screen with one finger to enlarge the view

3. Swipe the screen with two fingers to tilt the view

4. Use pinch or rotate to zoom in, zoom out and rotate your current viewpoint

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