picapica app apk download for android
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picapica app apk download for android

picapica app apk download for android

picapica is a very good-looking comic reading software, this software not only supports users to read online, but also supports users to download the favorite comics down to read, in the absence of network on the bus, subway, you can always call the software to read comics, very convenient, in also not afraid of sitting in the car bored, like this software friends come to download it!

picapica app apk download for android

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Software description

1、This software provides users with a wealth of genuine cartoon resources, all support free reading.

2, you can come here every day to read cartoons for free, and recommend the cartoon resources you are interested in.

3、Full HD cartoon images are optimized for cell phone screens and support image scaling. The newly developed reading module has laid a solid foundation for high-quality cartoon reading.

Software advantages

1、The classification of cartoons is very clear, covering touching, funny, romantic, bloodthirsty, thriller and other topics.

2、Download everything you want to read anytime, anywhere, without worrying about network and traffic.

3, HD refresh reading interface, each chapter update speed is very fast, no need to wait to catch up.

Software features

1, has the largest full of friends of the network community. The whole network of full friends gathered here to share interesting stories and interesting comments.

2、Night mode can adjust the brightness, filter out, add local comics, bookmarks, auto-play and other super features.

3、Read and view all resources online. With the adaptive page, you can get the best screen ratio, contrast and brightness to make your viewing experience easier.

Software Highlights

1、All the comic resources have very detailed classification, you can find the comics you want to read by filtering or searching directly.

2、Intelligent search for your favorite comics, read them anytime, anywhere for free. Basically, here are your favorite comics.

3、Send comics to your mobile desktop for easy viewing. Create your own book list and share your hobbies with millions of users.

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