RishtaPak apk download for android
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RishtaPak apk download for android

RishtaPak apk download for android

RishtaPak is one of the most popular mobile social platform software, where you can find nearby heterosexual chat anytime, anywhere, so that your life is no longer lonely, a gathering place for young people, like friends come and download it!

RishtaPak apk download for android

RishtaPak is a social product that young people love to use. You can chat with strangers, share your life, watch interesting live streams, and participate in nearby groups and events. Don't have to have masks and disguise, be more relaxed and true to yourself.

RishtaPak software features:

1. Comprehensive blackout function

You can pull the people you hate into the blacklist at any time, TA will not be able to find any information about you, and you can also report the bad behavior of TA;

2. Diverse information transmission

You can quickly push text messages, pictures and geographic locations to the mobile phone of the user you want to know, and the information only consumes network traffic.

3. Strong platform support

Fully support iPhone4, iPhone3G/3GS, iPod touch, iPad and other Apple devices, support mobile, China Unicom, telecommunications and other network access methods;

4. Considerate delivery status

Instantly understand the status of information delivery, and prompts such as "sending, delivered, read" can let you know the delivery status of information in time.

5. Unique social mode

Search and locate strangers around you according to GPS, establish contacts efficiently and quickly, save the distance cost of mutual communication, and expand your social circle.

6. Convenient system push

When the users or friends you follow appear around you, Momo will push the information of the TA to you, so that you can get in touch with the TA in time;

7. Rich profile

You can display your signature, age, constellation, hobbies, employers, etc., and you can place up to eight photos to let others know you more comprehensively;

RishtaPak Advantages:

1. Quick dating artifact, one-click matching, chat starts immediately

2. Match you with interesting opposite sex near the same city that you can chat with in a second, and recommend according to your hobbies

3. Real-name authentication of people nearby in the same city allows you to chat more safely and at ease

4. Browse the real information of people near the same city, open the topic in a second, and the interesting interactions can't stop one after another. Come here to find the right person near the same city.

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