Moji dictionary app apk download for android
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Moji dictionary app apk download for android

Moji dictionary app apk download for android

Moji dictionary app is a Japanese language learning app for cell phones. You can find the most comprehensive and professional Japanese dictionary translation here, let you learn Japanese from easy so easy. love to watch anime partners may want to try, after all, learn Japanese will be able to understand what the anime is talking about. Hurry up to download it!

Moji dictionary app apk download for android

Introduction of moji dictionary Japanese dictionary

MOJiTEC is one of the most popular dictionary series: Only for Japanese - MOJi Dictionary (じしょ). At present, 100,000 offline high-frequency detailed entries are included (offline dictionary is updated regularly). Subsequent versions will be continuously improved around "experience" and "thesaurus", korekara, yoroshiku お願いしますー

Features of the latest version of moji dictionary

-Adopting one-handed operation design.

-Collection list audio player.

-One-click view of verb usage list.

-Immediate translation of long and short sentences and one-click pronunciation.

-Highly free collection and category management of vocabulary.

-Built-in offline detailed thesaurus without internet.

-Support word list sharing and downloading in the cloud.

-Create your own words and phrases, and create your own lexicon.

-Highly free test practice, supporting 12 types of questions.

-Support word card export, make exclusive word cards.

-One-click translation of Japanese news, even a novice can watch Japanese raw meat.

-The daily list of hot words searched all over the Internet, increasing the chance of "unintentional learning".

-Built-in multiple authoritative Japanese online search services: Japanese + Chinese-Japanese + English-Japanese comprehensive response.

-Customized daily word push, you can select different word banks (e.g. Aptitude Test N1 word bank) for fixed-point quantitative push.

-Automatically and quickly search for words and provide high-precision prediction results in the cloud based on user input (Chinese-Japanese, kana, romanization and English).

Software advantages

1. Collect raw words at any time and synchronize them automatically in the cloud.

2. One-handed operation design, simple and convenient

3. Offline high-frequency detailed thesaurus, no need to network, わかる between the snap of a finger, anytime, anywhere to accumulate vocabulary.

Update Log

v4.20.0 version

1. Built-in browser interface optimization

2. One-click feedback add feedback type

3.Search function revamped - comprehensive search

4. Details page optimization

v4.11.1 version

Major new features

New version of discovery page, new QA Q&A, comprehensive search

New dynamic notification on home page

Other new features

Support QA Q&A data collection

The article & share section of the discovery page is revamped

Cell phone registration supports binding existing email accounts


Fix known bugs

v4.7.1 Version

New features

Support hovering explanation function on analysis details page

Update the introduction chart of analysis mode


Fix the problem of misalignment of some paragraphs in articles

Repair the problem of repetition of news pronunciation

Repair the problem of probable collapse of word details

Repair the problem of truncation of the first line of pronunciation

Repair the problem of audio pronunciation of articles

v4.4.2 Version

Major new features

Revamped discovery home page

New article selection list

New login page

Other new features

News style modification

News support paragraph pronunciation

Sharing center support search user display

Favorites list supports full title display


Repair the abnormal concern status problem

Repair the blank problem of hot search words

Repair the problem of recommended sorting of favorite users

Repair the problem of refreshing due to collecting and uncollecting words, example sentences and Example contents

v1.4.0 Update content

1. New search history

2. 40% reduction in search time

3. Solve the problem of unpronounceable words caused by switching applications

4. Interface optimization

5. Stability improvement

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