QQ mailbox app apk download for android
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QQ mailbox app apk download for android

QQ mailbox app apk download for android

Editor's comment: a relatively clean and good cell phone mailbox

Many software and forum registration still need to use the mailbox, so the phone is not less a mailbox software, boutique download station Xiaobian recommend you to use this QQ mailbox Google official version app, it has a lot of features and practicality is relatively strong, relative to the domestic version is more clean, need to download the latest version of their own.

QQ mailbox app apk download for android

Why choose Google version

Currently the best mailbox: QQ mailbox + NetEase mailbox, this version is Google market version, cleaner than the domestic version.

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New features

QQ mailbox fully supports mail universal protocol, assist in managing all your mailboxes on cell phones.

Send greeting cards on cell phone

Check incoming mail records in settings

Add inbox, calendar and notepad desktop widgets

Read letter page, take screenshot and mark it quickly

Efficient and convenient mailbox address book

Translate foreign language emails to Chinese

Main Features


Fully support mail general protocol, besides QQ mailbox, you can also add many other mailboxes

Mail sending and receiving

Receive and manage all mails in multiple mailboxes synchronously

New intelligent aggregation of advertising mails

QQ mail subscription aggregation and reading experience optimization

Support online preview of documents, pictures, audio and video, compressed packages, eml and other types of attachments

Mail reminder

Can choose to remind only the incoming mails of important contacts

Set new mail reminder switch for different mailbox accounts

Add many new email alert sound effects

Enable the function of no-disturbance at night, so that the arrival of emails can be silenced at night

Mailbox plug-in

Turn on the calendar function, start efficient schedule management

Drift bottle on cell phone, use text to convey emotions

Temporary network storage for large files with transit station

Open the notepad function to record what you see and think at any time

Manage contacts in your address book and find incoming and outgoing emails

Select a greeting card to send blessings to your friends

6.3.5 Update

This update.

- Optimize performance

- Fix some known problems

Last update.

- Some functional modules are optimized

- Fix some problems

【Hint】mailbox problem, mail_app@qq.com

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