Snapdrop app apk download for android
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Snapdrop app apk download for android

Snapdrop app apk download for android

snapdrop File Transfer app is a file transfer and sharing app. It is a very convenient file sharing tool that allows you to connect based on the other party's intranet address and transfer files by clicking on the avatar, which is similar to the Apple's space transfer, so hurry up and download it!

Snapdrop app apk download for android

snapdrop official software introduction

Snapdrop for Android is a dedicated Android client for students who prefer apps to web pages. Support Snapdrop official site, but also support self-built.

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Snapdrop for Android apk features

In the same LAN in different devices, directly open to transfer files to each other, and do not need to download the client, open source free very convenient.

Very convenient open source file transfer tool, and use the browser to directly access Snapdrop and then create a desktop shortcut is exactly the same

When you find each other, just click on each other's avatars and then transfer files. Very convenient. Better file transfer

The mechanism is a direct peer-to-peer transfer between your devices, and there is no file upload to the server, so it's nice to host one on your intranet.

Software Highlights

There are many ways to transfer data from one device to another.

There are applications such as Infinit, Send Anywhere, etc., but none of them require a client to be installed.

If you are temporarily using a third-party device, how can you be willing to install an application for them as soon as they arrive?

Both sides or more parties open the browser at the same time, enter the address, transfer files, done.

Software Features

Snapdrop for Android" makes everyday life easier for hundreds of users thanks to its extreme simplicity.

Faster file delivery thanks to perfect integration with the Android operating system

You can select the Snapdrop you want to share directly from other applications.

As an open source project, we have no commercial interests, but want to make the world a little better. Join and convince yourself!

Development Philosophy

Do you still sometimes have problems with just needing to transfer files quickly from your phone to your PC?

USB? - old fashioned!

Bluetooth? -Too cumbersome and slow!

Email? -Please don't write me another email of your own!


In the latest version, we've redesigned the way Snapdrop stores files, so you can now send larger files as well.

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