hamana app apk download for android
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hamana app apk download for android

hamana app apk download for android

hamana is a manga viewer that helps you to play manga format files on your computer, with a built-in autoplay system. When you load a manga from a file, you can set the folder as a thumbnail directly on the software, so you can quickly find the source on the top folder every time you need to open a new manga; hamana In addition to playing manga, you can also set it as a movie player, you need to select the movie codec and the file with the right extension on the "Settings" screen to view movies other than manga!

hamana app apk download for android

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Software features

1、Provides three image optimization modes, which can reduce the size of the image, while maintaining a soft and clear effect.

2, Hamana's customization function is also relatively powerful, you can freely set keyboard shortcuts and mouse movements in order to provide users with more convenient operation.

3、3D effects are also one of the features, which can quickly present various transitions 3D effects, as well as 3D rotation of images.

4、It also supports video file playback, and can also rotate and zoom the video screen in 3D.

Software Features

hamana allows you to display movie effects while viewing comics

Support for viewing the list of comic titles as thumbnails

Support for setting a feature that allows playing movies

Support for using appropriate file extensions such as GIF, AVI, etc.

Option to display up to four comics on one window

hamana can also be set to close the software after a comic has finished playing

You can also delete comics that have already been viewed

A built-in editing database that supports importing the currently viewed manga data

Ability to display manga graphics by mouse click

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