Tigo apk download for Android Live video chat
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Tigo apk download for Android Live video chat

Tigo apk download for Android Live video chat

Tigo is a very stylish real-time video chat software, one-click cut into the chat video of strangers, and start real video social networking. You can also use video special effects to make your appearance beautiful, or use a cartoon character to replace yourself.

Tigo apk download for Android Live video chat

Tigo is the most real and interesting video chat software, through Tigo, you can chat face to face with young people all over the world. Sincerely invite everyone to use Tigo and give the best advice to the Tigo team.

Tigo features:

1. One-on-one real video chat
Online video chat, breaking unreal photo friends, Mama no longer worry about me making friends

2. Beauty effect, fall in love with yourself
Smart beauty effects, make you fall in love with yourself in the lens

3. Cool gifts, chatting and fanciful
She looks so beautiful and her song looks so good, how can you not give me a gift! 3D cool effects make you stunned

4. Decorative borders, personalized creativity
Multi-scene border effect, one second under the peach blossom forest, the next moment under the sea, a lot of chat fun

Main features of Tigo:

1. Automatic beauty, don't be too beautiful when taking pictures

2. Cool special effects, you can't stop playing

3. Users can share life moments with family and friends through iF

4. Send free short video messages to communicate with people around you

5. You can use iF to create a group chat and chat together

6. Text and stickers can be added to the video to show richness

7. Fast speed, small traffic, full-screen experience, great!

8. Users can use online functions for free!

How does Tigo chat?

  • First of all, you can download Tigo on this page and install it to open it, and you can have a real-time video chat by registering.
  • Chat is limited to 60 seconds. To extend the chat time, you can add as a friend or give each other a gift.
  • There are many interesting ways to play, come and discover it.
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