Candy Crush Soda Saga apk download for Android
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Candy Crush Soda Saga apk download for Android

Candy Crush Soda Saga apk download for Android

Candy Crush Soda Saga Android download to share with everyone. Candy Soda Legend is a legend in mobile elimination games. Whether it's a BGM or an elimination experience, the game screen is first class, and the hundreds of levels are also incredibly challenging. It's great to play when you're killing time or relaxing.

Candy Crush Soda Saga apk download for Android

Candy Crush Soda Saga is a match-3 puzzle mobile game launched by King, the developer of the classic game Candy Crush Saga. Players will see new candies, more amazing combinations, new challenging game modes, super refreshing purple soda and cute bear candy in the game!

This colorful puzzle adventure game will instantly make you feel endless fun. Join Comey on his happy journey, help him find Tiffy, swipe and match candies, and experience the magical game world.

Description of Candy Crush Soda Saga:

Compete with other players to see who can pass the fastest level and finish the race. Or join other players in the social bingo feature to win shared soda-flavored prizes!

Candy Crush Soda Saga Features:

  • Hundreds of fantastic and fun levels
  • Fun and dynamic events are always with you, such as: ascending the throne of Mount Bubblegum for a limited time!

Candy Crush Soda Saga Multiple game modes:

  • Soda Mode - Match soda bottles to open, releasing purple soda
  • Freeze Mode - remove candy, crush ice cubes, release candy bear
  • Bubble Mode - Candy Bear is stuck in a bubble! Let the bubbles float layer by layer, and as they float on the candy chain, you can save the bear!
  • Chocolate and White Chocolate Mode - Remove the candy next to the chocolate and stop it from spreading
  • Honey Mode - Remove the candy next to the honey to free the trapped candy bear
  • Bubble Gum Mode - Remove the candy on the gum, don't let the gum spread!

Candy Crush Saga Highlights:

1. Sweet and fun gameplay

On a sweet journey, you can find all kinds of magical things, such as a naughty and cute little mouse, a greedy and mischievous little monster, a little black ball with an unknown name, you can also cultivate rose seeds, and face the dangers of an unknown bomb. is known. Are you getting excited?

2. Sweet new journey

More than 170 well-designed fun game levels Sweet journey, added different fun level obstacles one by one, difficulty level increases one by one, the game is more interesting!

3. Magical Sweet Journey

It is a magical and sweet journey like never before. Pink hot air balloon is ready for you. 2265 will accompany you with all kinds of cute little monsters. You will fly to the mysterious continent ahead together!

4. Visual sweet party

New colorful special effects, candy synthesis, lollipops, popcorn, magic wand and other props have carefully designed a variety of game special effects, allowing you to experience a sweet visual feast.

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