Moneyback app apk download for android
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Moneyback app apk download for android

Moneyback app apk download for android

moneyback app is a point earning software, every time you shop you can access a certain amount of points on the software, when the points accumulated to a certain level can be exchanged for a variety of gifts, cash coupons, etc., so that every time you shop happy, and at the same time let yourself get a little interest.

moneyback app apk download for android

Introduction to the latest version of moneyback

Providing you with an easy platform to manage your points and discover the latest offers, earn points and use them as cash, and share them with family and friends, you can now also enjoy exclusive member benefits including dining, travel, entertainment and shopping privileges, as well as experiences at a variety of partner brands.

Moneyback Android features

Tailor-made deals

Never miss a special offer. Personalized offers, discounts and coupons are sent directly to the app. All you need is your phone. We tailor deals to the products and brands we know you like.

Share what you like

If the deal is so good you want to shout about it, then become our guest. See what's hot from other members and let everyone know how you're making the most of MoneyBack.

Turn points into benefits

Convert MoneyBack points into Asia Miles and Esso Smiles points with a single click or two. You'll be on your way in no time!

That's all you need

Simply scan your QR code in the app to earn points whenever you shop at any Friends of MoneyBack store.

Software Features

QR Code Electronic Membership Card

Instead of carrying a physical card to earn/use points, all you need to do is login to the app and turn your phone sideways to reveal your MoneyBack e-Membership card. Scan the code of your e-Membership card at the cashier to earn and use your RewardCash points.

Centralized Account Management

Have a ParknShop membership card, Watsons membership card and Fung Chak iClub card at the same time? Now, you can manage all your cards and points at once by combining all your cards into one mobile app. However, you can still use these physical cards, but why carry multiple cards when you can manage them all with one app?

Points Sharing

Now you can share your points with your family and even with your friends. "The "Share Points" feature allows you to transfer points to any other member using the EasyPay mobile app, giving you the flexibility to use your points when they are pooled together.

Share Offer

See an offer that your friend might be interested in? You can share it directly with your friends using the eBonus Mobile App and enjoy it with them. You can also let them know about the offer through social media platforms.

Special Offers

Have you ever missed some great offers because the promotional emails were buried on the e-side of your mailbox? You don't have to worry about that anymore, because the eBonus Mobile App allows you to check out your exclusive offers anytime, anywhere. Want to check your favorite offers and redeem gifts? Simply add it to your wallet and then scan your e-Bonus e-Membership card / code at our stores to redeem your gift.

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