Mydol apk download for android Virtual chat
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Mydol apk download for android Virtual chat

Mydol apk download for android Virtual chat

Mydol is a service platform software specially prepared for fans who like to chase stars. Star chasing doesn't mean that you can do something blindly. Star chasing is to hope that you can have more strength to help yourself overcome difficulties at the most difficult time and give yourself more motivation to move forward!

Mydol apk download for android Virtual chat

Using the software can realize the imaginary dialogue between fans and stars, and also has a variety of easy-to-use functions. Users who like it can download and use it. The software has comprehensive functions. So in fact, I also hope that everyone who has light in their hearts, so that you can continue to shine, and you will not pay wrongly!

Mydol Features:

Favorite star called my name?

Enter the nickname you want to hear, and the star you set yourself will call my name/nickname and greet me. If there are words you want to hear, you can also add special words

Tired of photos of unlocking the screen?

Swipe the button to the left to move to the Mydol Space. You can download daily updated high-definition pictures, and you can also share photos, videos, and more. In Mydol space, just one click, you can set your favorite picture as the background of the unlock screen.

As a fan, you must know the star's schedule, right?

From now on, don't bother you for half a day just to check your schedule. The schedules of all idol stars have been updated here~! The schedule can be quickly checked on the unlock screen.

In order to hide that they are idol fans in real life

Ouch! On the subway, in front of your boyfriend, do you need to pretend that you are not a fan? Swipe down the unlock button to activate the "hidden mode" ~ strongly recommend everyone to use ~

The greeting displayed on the Mydol unlock screen is not sent by the real idol group or members, but a virtual greeting edited by the Mydol team and users.

Mydol function introduction:

1. Every time you turn on your mobile phone, you can always see your favorite star greeting you;

2. Does it feel particularly cool, so that many small partners can come to watch a wave with confidence;

3. Solve your lock screen problem from here, no longer worry about finding a good wallpaper.

4. The image idols on the lock screen can be moved, so do you want to make your mobile wallpaper cool?

5. You can also send some words to your favorite stars, and there are answers;

6. Every idol has a dream of chasing stars in his heart, so do you want to realize it here?

Mydol Advantages:

  • Interacting with idols, an essential artifact for chasing stars, here you can interact with your favorite stars at any time;
  • Harvest a good mood, although it is fake, but it looks quite good, you can make yourself feel beautiful;
  • Tell them what's on your mind, and add something you want to say, pretending it was sent to you by the star.

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