Gem4me apk download messenger group chat
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Gem4me apk download messenger group chat

Gem4me apk download messenger group chat

Gem4me is a modern chat convenience that is changing the way people communicate and connect online. It allows up to 12 people to have a face-to-face conversation at the same time. Simple and fun application.

Gem4me apk download messenger group chat

Gem4me users only need a computer, a broadband connection and a webcam. In addition, Gem4me will also share video messages, text messages and files via email or other Gem4me accounts. Unlike some video conferencing applications, this program can be easily run from a webcam. Gem4me also supports collaborative office, welcome to download and experience.

Gem4me features:

1. Bring your entire team together on the app with free multi-stream and HD video calling - up to 12 friends at a time.

2. Make clear free voice calls to other users, or low-cost calls to mobile and landline phones.

3. Use the program to send instant text messages to your friends even when you are on a call.

Gem4me Features:

1. Finding friends already in the app is easy!

2. Sync your email, Facebook and Twitter to your account and start group calling, calling and texting to friends

3. Add youtube videos to your group video chat and watch with friends as if you were all sitting on the same couch.

Gem4me Review:

A free, real-time video technology from Gem4me that allows consumers to have face-to-face conversations over the Internet.

Gem4me's new video messaging service delivers clear, high-quality real-time video and audio. With Gem4me to share an experience, a smile and a visual emoji, communication becomes more meaningful and fun.


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