ICQ apk download for android Video Calls
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ICQ apk download for android Video Calls

ICQ apk download for android Video Calls

ICQ Video Calls is a very classic instant messaging tool. Now it has been revived. It brings you a mobile version, which is more convenient to communicate with friends.

ICQ apk download for android Video Calls

ICQ Video Calls has the function of creating unlimited chats and channels. You can join various groups to communicate with like-minded people. You can also restore multiple messages at a time. It supports sending lossless and uncompressed pictures and video content, which is convenient Everyone share files.

ICQ Video Calls Features:

Share photos, videos and other files

Use ICQ Messenger to share your photos and videos with friends and send multimedia system messages. Much more than Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) - ICQ Messenger's photo and video message content is sent for free right in the chat dialog.

Free high-quality video and voice calls

Use internet video chat to meet your best friends and loved ones anytime. On the other side of a big city or a different city - a video and voice call from ICQ Messenger will bring you together. Free video and voice calls with ICQ Messenger exceed all boundaries.

toll free

Use mobile ICQ Messenger to make free calls, you can chat for as long as you want, without worrying about the frequency and cost of voice calls. Unlimited free voice calls to full-time ICQ Messenger customers - a truly casual connection.

WeChat group

Lots of fun group chats - create group chats with your best friends. The group chat function of ICQ Messenger is not limited to the total number of participants. More powerful than Whatsapp, Viber and more messaging system software.

Chat and free information content

Chatting and sending free text messages with your friends on your phone is as easy as sending regular text messages. Download ICQ Messenger on your mobile phone, message friends for free, or group them together in one group chat. Send message content anytime, anywhere, imagine sending free SMS or iMessage from your iOS device.

icq mobile version software description:

1. Here, you can subscribe to interested channels, create groups, and start a pleasant chat mode;

2. Protect the user's film and television works, do not need to share the number, and add friends by nickname;

3. During video chat, you can add the corresponding mask effect, dozens of animation masks for you to choose;

4. Photos and videos can be sent without compression, and the file transfer speed is also very fast.

Advantages of icq mobile version software:

  • ICQ mobile version is a software that can conduct video chat.
  • With this software, you can text and call friends for free.
  • ICQ new Android supports unlimited creation of multiple chats and channels, and can reply to multiple messages at once.
  • This is a super easy to use chat tool.

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