Sudoku Puzzle apk download
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Sudoku Puzzle apk download

Sudoku Puzzle apk download

Sudoku brain training software is a puzzle and interesting sudoku game, which can help everyone relax and train logical thinking ability. A person's patience, and in thinking, help eliminate loneliness, so that everyone can better enjoy a person's alone time.

Sudoku Puzzle apk download

With multiple levels of difficulty, Sudoku beginners and advanced players can easily find a suitable Sudoku game for them to play, and train their thinking ability without knowing it; don't worry about the lack of paper and pen around you. On smart devices, you can experience a more interesting Sudoku experience, play more happily, and easily train instant computing power.

Application function

1. Provide four different levels of Sudoku games, you can set the difficulty level of the game independently according to your own preferences;

2. When performing Sudoku calculations, you can use the provided pencil tool to help you use the electronic pencil to calculate;

3. When the data is incorrectly filled in, use the sassafrassing tool directly, and the filled-in content can be manually erased;

4. When challenging difficult Sudoku games, there is still a time limit, allowing you to complete the Sudoku calculation within the specified time;

5. Provide daily challenge levels, you can perform Sudoku challenges every day, and you can easily challenge your self-calculation ability every day;

6. Provide one-key restart function, when playing Sudoku game, it is convenient to restart the game directly;

Application Features

1. When you cannot pass the customs by yourself, you can check the prompt information provided to help you pass the customs easily;

2. It is a must-have application for everyone to pass the boring time, which can eliminate a person's loneliness very well;

3. You can directly view the countdown information of the Sudoku game to help you complete the calculation within the specified time;

4. There are four different difficulty Sudoku games of simple, intermediate, difficult and expert that can be played selectively;

5. You can check your own clearance situation, and it is convenient to continue the game when you play next time;

6. The option will be automatically saved to ensure that the data will not be erased by mistake and ensure data security;

Instructions for use

1. Enter the software interface, you can independently choose the difficulty of Sudoku to play

2. After the start, use the provided pencil tool to perform numerical calculations

3. Equipped with corresponding sassafras removal tools, which can directly remove pencil marks.

4. If you need a prompt to pass the level, just click the prompt icon on the screen.

5. After viewing the prompt content, reduce the difficulty to a certain extent and pass the level easily

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