app store apk download for android
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app store apk download for android

app store apk download for android

The app store software is an application store that provides a variety of Apple software for Android users. The software includes a very comprehensive mobile phone software, whether it is a game or an application, you can quickly find it. Here are all the latest software on the shelves, as well as detailed analysis The tutorial allows you to understand the specific functions of the software.

With this software, it can help Android phones that do not have an Apple system to download various Apple software.

Introduction to the Chinese version of the app store:

This app store replicates Apple's app store, so those who don't have an Apple phone and want to use the app store can experience it.

This software cooperates with ilauncher, inoty, android control center, easytouch and other software to make the interface of your android phone imitate ios, you can search for it in the most beautiful application.

Software features:

Sunshine Justice: Real-time synchronization of appstore rankings, mining valuable apps and popular games

Massive and comprehensive: Integrate multiple high-quality channel resources to provide users with comprehensive application information and download resources

Clean and focused: completely prohibit advertising push, follow the original meaning of the application platform community, and be an original ecological application navigation community

Free and convenient: Download and use Apple paid apps for free in Android system, and log in with Shuixin Apple app to remind Android in real time

Software advantages:

1. The apps we have included have been tested very carefully to ensure that there are no push, no hidden buttons, no interstitial advertisements, and no point wall advertisements to be included.

2. We regularly go to major stores to collect high-quality applications, and do not accept uploads from developers, so we can guarantee the quality

3. Our servers are telecom 100m, mobile 200m, Unicom 50m loan, any type of network can be perfectly supported

4. At present, nearly 500,000 applications and games are included, and we will continue to improve in the future. In short, we will always provide you with free services

5. We have included more than 10 domestic first-class application stores such as Baidu Mobile Assistant, 91 Mobile Assistant, Android Market, Anzhi Market, 360 Mobile Assistant, Jifeng Market, Xiaomi Store, Huawei Store, Lenovo Store, etc. If you don't like it We, you can download other stores through us, as long as you like it.

Software download information:

Version: 1.3.9

Updated on: Sep 28, 2022

Requires Android: 4.4 and up

Downloads: 100,000+ downloads

In-app purchases: IDR 12,000.00 per item

Content rating: Rated for 3+ Learn more

Permissions: View details

Released on: Jul 4, 2020

Offered by: Arum Communications

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