Special Forces Team download for android
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Special Forces Team download for android

Special Forces Team download for android

Special Forces Team 2 is a realistic mobile shooting survival game. A variety of map mode and cool mech gun shape is a highlight of this game, players need to survive in this brutal shooting game, more interesting challenge gameplay and you experience the duel, flexible control of the character to fight, feel the thrill of immersive combat!

Special Forces Team download for android

Special forces team 2 game introduction

1、The game will have a variety of tasks

2, game play and painting style are similar to the classic game CS.

3, both rifles and sniper rifles are very distinctive, accurate operation can often be a hit, to help you turn defeat into victory!

4, inside the game if you make the wrong decision, you will be sentenced to death, good luck and have fun.

5, first-person shooter. The game players can choose to play as a terrorist or a member of the anti-terrorist forces, the two sides of the role available in each of the six, the number of maps available in the game is not small, the overall style of the game is similar to CS, like to play CS players do not miss.

6, shuttle in a variety of classic CS maps, the game players can buy a variety of advanced weapons and bombs.

7, a large number of rich game map perfect game optimization, are able to give players the best real game feeling.

Special forces team 2 game features

1, with the help of the city boxes and other bunkers to help avoid damage, the more bullets against the smaller the damage you suffer.

2, with extremely shocking 3d game graphics, so that players can be in the city skyscrapers, to exotic scenes and other game scenes.

3、Breakthrough the original game design, real-time online battles, you can let the player extremely fast experience the unique charm of the game.

4, with a variety of classic shooting gameplay, mechanical aiming, aiming, to give players the perfect control experience.

5, super beautiful game graphics shooting and a variety of different game weapons and equipment are available for use.

6、Game highlights

7, the game not only has wonderful human-machine combat, and exciting player combat, players can be a variety of powerful opponents to compete.

8, by being proficient in all guns, this is the way to win the game, but not as easy as you might think.

Special Forces Team 2 game description

1, the latest operation mode has also been optimized.

2、The game graphics are beautiful and cool

3, the operation in the game is simple and easy to learn

4, compared to the first part of the four game modes, but also increased the demolition mode.

5, deep into the enemy's hinterland, using their own sniper rifle alone with the enemy around.

6, in addition to the sniper rifle, players can also use grenades, traps and other props.

Special forces team 2 game content

1、The game screen is beautiful and cool.

2, a variety of maps to choose at will.

3, the game experience is very real, very fast

4, a variety of weapons.

5, first-person perspective to enhance the sense of immersion.

6, the game players will experience the CS play, gun battle duel.

7, the game has a dexterous and delicate operation space

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