Supreme duelist stickman download for android
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Supreme duelist stickman download for android

Supreme duelist stickman download for android

supreme duelist stickman latest version is a very interesting matchmaker game, which contains a large number of moves for players to release, but also can call their friends to play together, together to unlock more levels.

Supreme duelist stickman download for android

Highlights of supreme duelist latest version

Challenge new opponents and exciting battles, show your wonderful shooting skills at any time;

You will be able to take on the role of a brave matchmaker hero, pick up a variety of weapons and let yourself fight to the end;

Flexible operation makes it easier to fight, and smooth graphics and accurate shooting can break through more difficult levels.

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Supreme duelist Chinese version features

You can choose your character and play with friends in 2-player mode.

It's an addictive game!

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This game is completely free.

Casual game and fun

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Supreme duelist Advantages

Simple drawing style, through the simple color block to show the object, a strong sense of contrast.

Classic gameplay, keep the height through the jetpack, through the various obstacles suspended.

The sound effects are light and pleasant, and the game's sound effects are very relaxing, which goes quite well with the game graphics.

At the same time, it is a single game, no WiFi can play.

Editor's brief comment

Players need to control the matchmaker against the enemy matchmaker in the weightless field, which also has a good release effect;

Each scene in the opponent will have different strong points, need flexible operation, the game graphics are very delicate and detailed;

Virtual wheel, easy to control the character, start a fierce battle, can have different skills or use different weapons.

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