Parler app apk download for android
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Parler app apk download for android

Parler app apk download for android

Want to try to get to know your friends abroad? Let's explore the latest version of Parler! The platform protects the privacy of users, and there are many warm tips, where you can chat with your interested partners, and the voice function is also created.

Parler app apk download for android

Parler Social Software Description

Parler is a product that focuses on personal social interaction and news and information acquisition.

Parler is a product that focuses on personal interaction and news information.

We can learn about the hot events at home and abroad and check the weekly news.

Of course, you can also learn for the first time about the topics discussed by international friends.

Parler social software fuction

It not only enables the exchange of private messages, but also allows you to check the latest news information on the information flow page.

In My Center you can see the latest news posted by celebrities and friends.

Praise them, comment on them and participate in the interaction.

Bring you and them closer and communicate more smoothly.

Parler social software highlights

1. the dynamics here are the most updated, let you pay attention to the most interesting, and present many forms.

2. no matter what kind of content is of high quality, but also direct search for more content and more keywords.

3. the home page is directly recommended products, but also allows you to add dynamic release, easy to do sharing.

Parler social software content

Explore sports, news, politics and entertainment.

Participate in official statements and ideas from community leaders.

Experience dynamic media, such as photos, GIFs.

Replying to letters, sharing, voting and commenting.

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