GoToMeeting apk download for android Video Conferenci
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GoToMeeting apk download for android Video Conferenci

GoToMeeting apk download for android Video Conferenci

GoToMeeting is a professional high-definition video conferencing software. The latest version of GoToMeeting supports terminals including desktop computers, notebooks, smart phones with Android system, smart phones with IOS system, and phones. The official version of GoToMeeting also supports volume adjustment, volume intensity display, mute all/self, audio prompt/self-test, display user name, and display user status.

GoToMeeting apk download for android Video Conferenci

GoToMeeting is comprehensive, compatible with multiple devices, and supports switching multiple languages ​​to provide users with remote video conferencing services. The software also has functions such as meeting recording, meeting management, video and audio synchronization, and meeting exchanges, improving the efficiency of enterprise communication.

GoToMeeting Features:

1. Meeting recording: shared screen, sound, chat record, set save path

2. User list: display user name, display user status

3. Video: multi-channel high-definition video, prompt whether the camera is on/off, drag and drop the video window to change the size

4. Audio: adjust volume, display volume intensity, mute all/self, audio prompt/self-test

5. Sharing: application sharing, desktop sharing, cleaning mode

6. Drawing tools: brush, selectable color

7. The official version of gotomeeting supports terminals: desktops, notebooks, smartphones of Android system, smartphones of IOS system, and telephones

8. Text chat: send a message to all staff, select a certain person in the user list to send a message

9. Authorization: mouse and keyboard rights, hosting the entire meeting

10. Invite others

11, the control panel is hidden

12. Menu shortcut buttons

13. Interface multi-language display switching

GoToMeeting advantages:

1. Share your client desktop to solve technical problems. Collaborate with colleagues to resolve customer issues.

2. The official version of gotomeeting goes from a sales call to an instant demo with just one click. Discover potential customers with online demos. Review sales agreements online.

3. Help customers understand the latest information and avoid expensive on-site visits. Securely share documents, designs and project plans online. Use drawing tools to highlight key ideas on the screen.

4. Improve employee productivity and easily collaborate with remote team members. Integrate online meetings into regular face-to-face meetings. Hold online review sessions to speed up project completion.

GoToMeeting Q&A:

1. Can I edit meeting minutes when using the official version of gotomeeting?
"GoToMeeting" (GoToMeeting) desktop recording and playback, allows you to record and save the meeting live, you can use the editing software of your choice to edit these files.

2. Can I test the installation of the microphone and speaker before the meeting?
Can. All you have to do is right-click on the "GoToMeeting" system tray icon, select Preferences, then select "Audio", and select the device you want to test from the drop-down menu.

3. What microphone/speaker configuration do you recommend to achieve the best audio quality when using VoIP?
For the best audio quality, we recommend that you connect a USB headset to the computer, or use a USB headset and a separate microphone to connect to the computer. An analog version is also available, but not as good. Using the laptop's built-in headphones and microphone or USB webcam doesn't work well either.

4. Can I mute/unmute individual attendees?
Yes. If they have registered their audio IDs, individual attendees can be muted/unmuted by simply clicking on the microphone or phone icon next to their name in the attendee list.

5. Can I mute/unmute all attendees at once?
You can mute and unmute all participants individually, or all at once.

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