FB WhatsApp apk download for android
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FB WhatsApp apk download for android

FB WhatsApp apk download for android

FB WhatsApp is a chatting and dating software platform. With the help of push notification service, this application can instantly receive messages from relatives, friends and colleagues, without any extra charge, and it is very economical.

Not only can typing and chatting, but also the function of calling , you can download it if you need it. For more popular games and news, please pay attention to 627a.com

FB WhatsApp Features:

  1. Offline messages: Even if you turn off your phone or in an area with no signal. It will automatically store any messages you receive during this period and will automatically push offline messages to your phone once you turn on your phone or enter a signal area.
  2. Cross-platform: Yes, you can send messages to and from your iPhone and BlackBerry friends who have this software installed.
  3. No login/logout: You no longer need to be confused about logging out of applications on your computer or other device.
  4. No need to add friends: WhatsApp directly syncs the information in your phone's address book, automatically connecting your contacts.
  5. Offline messages: Even if you miss a push notification or turn off your phone, WhatsApp saves the messages you receive while offline and can view them when you log into the app again.
  6. No International Fees: Just as you don't have to pay for sending international emails, you also don't have to pay any international fees for sending WhatsApp messages. As long as your friends also have WhatsAppMessenger installed, you can chat with friends all over the world without the hassle of international SMS fees.
  7. Say no to passwords and usernames: Why bother remembering passwords and usernames? Just like text messages, WhatsApp works with your phone number and communicates with your existing phone The recording is perfectly integrated. But trust me, it can definitely bring you more fun than texting on your phone.

FB WhatsApp Advantages:

  • You can share addresses, exchange contact information, set personalized wallpapers, personalized notification ringtones, landscape display mode, accurate message sending time records, email backup chat history, and send general messages or multimedia to multiple contacts at the same time information and other services.
  • NO HIDDEN FEES: Once you and your friends have downloaded WhatsApp, you can enjoy the unlimited instant messaging features it offers you. You can send unlimited messages to your friends every day for free!
  • Multimedia Messaging: Send video, picture and voice messages to your friends.
  • Group chat room: Enjoy chatting freely in the group chat room.

FB WhatsApp Highlights:

  • No monthly fee, and various deductions, it is a truly free calling tool
  • No International Roaming Fees: If your friends have this app installed on their Android or Blackberry or iPhone, you can chat with them in other countries and avoid annoying international texting fees.
  • No ID and Username: Why keep ID number or username in mind? This software is like using the SMS function in your mobile phone, it integrates with the contacts in the phonebook of your mobile phone .
  • No need to log in or out: No worries of being forced to log out when you log in from another computer or phone. It is always logged in and connected.
  • No need to add new contacts: contacts in the phonebook will be automatically linked to your WhatsApp Messenger contacts. With this software installed, your contacts will automatically appear in the Favorites menu.

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