AN WhatsApp apk download for android
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AN WhatsApp apk download for android

AN WhatsApp apk download for android

The latest version of AN WhatsApp is a social chat software that a large number of users use every day. This software brings users a new social mode and gameplay.

AN WhatsApp apk download for android

Users can not only interact with domestic brothers and sisters at home, but also You can also make friends with foreign handsome guys and beauties, come and download and experience it

AN WhatsApp Features:

1. There is no monthly fee and various deductions. It is a truly free calling tool

2. No International Roaming Fees: If your friends install this software on Android or Blackberry or iPhone, you can chat with them in other countries, thus avoiding annoying international texting fees.

3. There is no identification and user name: why do you need to remember the identification number or user name in your mind? This software is like using the SMS function in the mobile phone, it is connected with the contacts in the phone book of the mobile phone. integrated with each other.

4. There is no need to log in or log out: there is no trouble of being forced to log out when logging in on other computers or mobile phones. It is always logged in and connected.

5. There is no need to add contacts. Contacts in the phone book will be automatically linked to your WhatsApp contacts. Your contacts will automatically appear in the Favorites menu.

AN WhatsApp download method:

Click the download link to download the apk file of AN WhatsApp. The next step is to use your mobile phone number to log in on this device, fill in the mobile phone verification code, and log in.

AN WhatsApp Add Friends

If you add a friend: The phone number of the person to be added must be saved in the address book of your mobile device, so that you can start a conversation with them using WhatsApp, if you can't find your friend's name in WhatsApp.

How: Make sure your friends also have VhatsApp installed on their phone devices.

  • Double-check that your friend's phone number has been entered correctly into your phone's address book.
  • If this is an international phone number, please do not use any prefixes "°C" or end codes. Start with a + sign, enter the country code, then enter the phone number.
  • Open WhatsApp and refresh your Favorites section, on WhatsApp for Android this page is called WhatsApp Contacts.

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