Aero WhatsApp apk download for android
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Aero WhatsApp apk download for android

Aero WhatsApp apk download for android

Aero WhatsApp is a modified APK: we live in the 21st century and everything is digital. We are so busy at work that we don’t have time to spend with our friends, family and close ones, we forget that we are social animals and we cannot survive if we don’t take the time to meet people and interact with them.

Aero WhatsApp apk download for android

Even science proves that we are the world The most social animal on the planet. But technology allows us to interact with people through social media. Where we see them, talk to them, and interact with new friends. One of them is Whatsapp, which was founded in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum.

Today, everyone uses Aero WhatsApp and becomes a social ninja. But as we know, variety is the taste of life. Maybe you're bored with the look and feel of the official WhatsApp app. That's why you're looking for something new, or you feel that WhatsApp doesn't offer something and you desperately need something new and useful.

Key Features of Aero WhatsApp:

1. Theme Store

This release provides you with the latest theme store. Now make your chats look more colorful. It has tons of HD themes. You have to choose them according to your needs and set them on chat wallpapers.

2. Group message settings

This latest version allows group admins to invite people using the group invite link. Additionally, you can choose who can leave a message in the group.

4. Privacy Settings

Everyone is more concerned about privacy these days. This version has advanced features regarding privacy. You can hide your last online status. In addition to that, you can hide/show the blue tick, second tick, call recordings and messages for input status.

3. Call blocking

FMWhatsApp has the latest call blocking feature. Now you can control who can call you. If someone calls you right now to annoy you, you can easily stop them.

6. Message anyone

With WhatsApp found, you can message anyone without saving it in your contacts. In original WhatsApp, this was not possible. But in Fouad's WhatsApp, you can message anyone using just their number.

5. Send file type

With FouadWA, you can send various types of files like compressed, APK, exe, jpg, PNG, etc. Original WhatsApp also allows you to send files and documents to your friends and family as well as for business use.

7. Pin Conversation

In the original WhatsApp, you could pin a small number of people for quick access. But FouadWA allows you to pin up to 1000 conversations. So you can access them quickly and easily

8. HD quality sharing

You share images, photos on FouadWA without losing their quality. In original WhatsApp, when you send or forward any images, their original quality is lost. But FouadWA doesn't have these errors.

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