BOTIM apk download for android
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BOTIM apk download for android

BOTIM apk download for android

BOTIM is a dedicated social chat software released by Claudine Victoria. There are many social functions in this software, which can not only be used for everyone's life chat, but also for office work.

BOTIM apk download for android

The software can send pictures, voice messages, make video calls, establish group chats, share documents, etc., and the software is very safe to use and can protect our privacy well. It is an indispensable software for users to socialize.

Software features:

Ability to chat with strangers, control and switch at will;

Arbitrarily select the required reading form to provide you with more resources;

You can share articles you like or information you are interested in;

Provides you with all the content of the public opinion list for your convenience;

The received receiver can be freely adjusted, and can be arbitrarily selected and controlled;

Chatting and communicating online, you can use the provided emoticons to easily reflect your mood.

Software features:

- Support two-way recording function

- Support call recording setting function

- Support call recording format setting function (WAV effect is better, mp3 effect is worse)

- Support recording time delay function

- Support display notification function

- Support detailed log setting function

- Support LAME compression function

- Support advanced setting functions (call control function, delete record function after call, number of files, file capacity, maximum recording time, audio output, etc.)

Software Highlights

- Free video and voice calls on 2G, 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi networks

- Calls and chats are fully encrypted

- Support to send pictures, videos, voice messages, etc., chat unlimitedly.

- Group chat up to 500 people.

- Built-in expression combination, express yourself freely.

common problem:

Why is my BOTIM phone bad quality sometimes?

If you experience any quality issues with your voice and video calls using BOTIM, please note that this may be due to the quality of the network connection you are using to reach the person you are trying to reach.

Some international operators or ISPs outside the UAE often experience network connection quality issues especially during peak hours, which will affect your experience.

If this still occurs, check the following:

Always make sure you are connected to the proper network (mobile or wi-fi)

If you are in the UAE make sure you have an active internet calling plan subscription

How to unsubscribe from google?

On the left, click My Subscriptions.

Select the subscription for BOTIM VIP.

Click Manage and then Unsubscribe.

When the confirmation pops up, click Yes

If you have a subscription to the app and the app is deleted from Google, your future bookings will be cancelled. Your past subscriptions will not be refunded.

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