Google sheets app apk download for android
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Google sheets app apk download for android

Google sheets app apk download for android

Google sheets Android app is a very useful mobile form software launched by Google, support the new form on the phone, you can edit, merge and split the form, is a good helper in the office, you can manage the form at any time, anywhere, you like to download experience!

Google sheets app apk download for android

Key features of google sheets

Work anywhere, anytime, even when you don't have internet access

Format cells, enter or sort data, view charts, insert formulas, find/replace and more

Create new spreadsheets, or edit those created on the web version of google sheets or other devices

Share spreadsheets with others and collaborate on the same spreadsheet at the same time

You'll never have to worry about losing data again as your input is automatically stored in real time

google sheets for Android

Protect your spreadsheets with a four-digit password

Open, edit and save excel files

google sheets apk features

Rich calculation features

google sheets presents your data in beautiful, intuitive charts and graphs. Built-in formulas, pivot tables and conditional formatting options simplify common spreadsheet tasks and save you time. All features are completely free!

Get started today

google forms is always ready to use. You can create spreadsheets directly from your browser or download the app for use on your mobile device.

Collaborate with multiple people Multiply your efficiency

Share with anyone, so Tamen can view spreadsheets, comment or edit.

Support for excel file handling

Open, edit or save microsoft excel files with a chrome extension or app. excel files and google forms can be converted to and from each other. No more worrying about file formats.

Anytime, anywhere

You can access, create and edit spreadsheets wherever you are, even without an internet connection, as long as you have a mobile phone, tablet or computer.

No need to save on purpose

The system automatically saves all changes as you type. You can even view older versions of the same spreadsheet through the revision history and sort by date or by who made the changes.

Analyse data instantly

Use the Explore panel to see an overview of your data, including a summary of information and a range of optional pre-populated charts.

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