Avast cleanup premium apk download
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Avast cleanup premium apk download

Avast cleanup premium apk download

Avast cleanup premium is a software for mobile phone garbage cleaning and mobile phone maintenance, which is enough to ensure that users can complete the cleaning of the garbage content in the mobile phone.

Avast cleanup premium apk download

Avast cleanup premium completely and comprehensively optimizes your mobile phone cache and other content to ensure that your mobile phone can be cleaned in the most appropriate way, making it easier for your mobile phone to clean up junk. Come and download this Avast if you need it. cleanup premium mobile version!

Avast cleanup premium is an efficient cache and junk cleaner app for Android devices. Remove residual files and unused apps with a single tap, making your phone faster and more powerful.

Avast cleanup premium software features:
1. Advanced photo optimization techniques: Use the contrast view to help choose the right settings, control the size and quality of your optimized photos.

2. App Hibernation: Apps can be temporarily suspended to extend battery life, save mobile data, clean up memory and increase device speed.

3. Automatic Cleanup: Let Cleanup run regular cleanups without disturbing you, keeping your device running fast all the time.

4. Remove ads: Remove ads through the Cleanup experience.

5. Avast Direct Support: Contact Avast directly from the app to get a quick response to your questions.

Avast cleanup premium highlights:

1. Device Manager: System Screen: View all important information about your device on one screen.

2. Device Manager: App Hibernation can temporarily suspend apps to extend battery life, save mobile data, clean up memory and increase device speed.

3. Junk Cleaner: Remove Junk Files: Avast Cleanup can quickly analyze your phone's storage space and remove all useless data.

4. The intelligent security cleaning function can instantly clean up unimportant data, system cache, gallery thumbnails, installation files and residual or unused files and APKs. Easily clear accumulated useless data with just one click.

5. The Cleanup Advisor option can give you a detailed view of all the data on your phone.

6. Uninstall apps with one click to free up space, increase device speed and stop Android lag.

7. Phone Cleaner can identify and clean the largest files, media, apps and junk files on your device.

8. Use the ignore list to mark items on your device that you do not want listed.

9. Take control of your storage space by optimizing and speeding up your Android device.

Avast cleanup premium benefits:

1. Clean up residual files

2. Remove unused apps

3. Clear cache, media and other large files

4. Regular cleaning to enhance functionality, improve performance and increase speed

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