Bijoy app apk download Android Keyboard
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Bijoy app apk download Android Keyboard

Bijoy app apk download Android Keyboard

Bijoy Android Keyboard is a very easy-to-use virtual keyboard for on-screen applications. This software provides users with a professional Windows keyboard, allowing you to easily type by touching the computer screen. Friends in need, come to the green resource network to download and use it!

Bijoy app apk download Android Keyboard

Bijoy Android Keyboard is a very gorgeous on-screen application virtual keyboard that allows users to replace their Windows keyboard and take full advantage of your touch screen computer to make screen printing faster, easier and more accurate.

Its function, interface, and convenience are relatively good, and the most important thing is its custom function, which can be done at will, making it easier for friends with touch monitors to use it.

Bijoy Android Keyboard Features:

1. Fully customizable appearance and behavior

2. When the gesture changes rapidly or insert a space

3. Programmable buttons for performing routine actions like copying and pasting text

4. Launch application key to open web pages or run macros with one tap

5. Word autocomplete typing is faster and more accurate than before

6. Support for multiple languages ​​and keyboard layouts

7. A virtual keyboard that can be integrated into other systems

8. Multi-touch support in Windows 7 and Windows 8

How Bijoy Android Keyboard works:

Step 1: Template Creation

Project the desired interface template onto the adjacent interface surface. The module is produced by illumination of a specially designed high-efficiency holographic optical element with a red diode laser.

Note: This template is for user reference only and does not participate in the detection process. In a stationary environment, templates can also be printed onto the interface surface.

Step 2: Reference Surface Lighting

The IR illumination plane has been created in the previous step and is parallel to the interface surface. The light hits the surface for a few millimeters and the user cannot see it.

When the user touches the key position on the interface surface, the plane on the edge of the key will reflect light and transmit it directly to the sensor module.

Step 3: Map the corresponding coordinates

The light reflected by the user's interaction with the interface surface is transmitted to the infrared filter and reflected to the CMOS image sensor in the sensor module.

The sensor chip contains custom hardware that can determine the location of reflected light in real time.

The processing core tracks multiple reflections synchronously, so multiple keystrokes can be processed simultaneously and cursor control input overlapped.

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