HTTrack app apk download Website Copier
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HTTrack app apk download Website Copier

HTTrack app apk download Website Copier

HTTrack Website Copier is a free offline browser tool, this software provides users with a lot of professional browsing functions, allowing you to enjoy the new system accessibility functions here.

HTTrack app apk download Website Copier

HTTrack Website Copier is a free offline browser tool that allows you to download entire websites from the Internet for offline browsing. HTTrack can also synchronize offline and online sites, supports resumable uploads, and is a fully configurable tool that includes a comprehensive help system.

How to use HTTrack Website Copier software

1. Open WinHTTrack Website Copier, the next step

2. The project name can be named after the title of the post, preferably in English, and the classification is optional. The storage path is recommended to be non-C drive.

3. We want to download several posts, so the operation chooses to download individual files. The web address can be entered one by one, or a list can be used. The list is separated by the Enter key. For regular posts, it can be quickly formed by dragging in excel.

4. Options, select 1 for the maximum depth and 0 for the maximum external link depth. In this way, we only search the URL content of the current post or page, and do not link to other websites, so choose 0. These two options are very important.

5. Links I chose to try to capture all URLs, save all links to non-HTML files, such as external zip files or image files, save the HTML file first, and the default is fine, I don't see much difference.

6. The construction can take the default value.

7. The search page takes the default value.

8. The browser Peugeot takes the default value.
9. Click OK to start directly.
10. Special attention should be paid to renaming a new project, otherwise the original address will be overwritten!

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