OBS app apk download for android
OBS app apk download for android

OBS app apk download for android

OBS latest version is a more popular open source live tool. obs classic edition can be used to record screen, camera, game video, save as a file or live through various live streaming platforms. obs classic edition also allows you to more easily live operation, but also has the live video function. The Huawun Software Park provides OBS Classic Edition download service, download other versions of OBS Classic Edition, please go to the Huawun Software Park!

OBS app apk download for android

OBS app features

1. live RTMP streaming media, compatible with major live streaming platforms

2. support OBS live related plug-ins

3. stable performance

4. encoding using H264 (X264) and AAC

5. unlimited number of scenes and sources

6. high-performance GPU-based game streaming game capture

7. support for DirectShow capture devices (cameras, capture cards, etc.)

8. MP4 or FLV file output

OBS app fuction

1. Excellent performance compared to other live streaming software

2. stable compatibility compared to studio version

3. live RTMP streaming media, compatible with major live streaming platforms

4. support live related plug-ins

5. the ability to fine-tune live parameters, to find the best effect of live

6. More than 90% of the major anchors on each platform use this version

OBS installation steps

1, in the Huajun Software Park will download the OBS Classic Edition, and unzip the current folder, click on the OBS_64bit.exe application, enter the installation wizard interface, and then click Next.

2, select the software installation location interface, Huawun small recommended that users install in the D disk, select a good installation location click Next.

3, OBS Classic Edition installation is complete, click Finish.

OBS instructions for use


This parameter is set according to the configuration of your computer settings, first we go to the speed test, it is recommended that the browser to go to the speed test, this site compared to other speed test, the speed is more accurate, of course, can also go to other speed test platform or website that can measure the uplink rate can also be.

When we get the uplink value, we can proceed to the next parameter settings.

Recommended setting values.

Live bitrate recommendation, set it according to uplink

We click "Settings" on top of obs and find Encoding, Video respectively.

OBS Tips

1, you can hold down the Ctrl key to move the object once more windows drag and hold, Shift key to adjust the height width will move to the object proportion (will pull to a little long a little flat, pull bad! Look at the font and the screen will be blurred) please note

2, review the view window Ctrl + ↑ ↓ keyboard up and down keys, you can adjust the position of any object on the front and rear view

3, some games found that the capture can not be, try to close the Aero to capture!

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