WeChat app apk download for android
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WeChat app apk download for android

WeChat app apk download for android

WeChat is not only a great messaging and social app, but a lifestyle that more than 1 billion users around the world can’t live without.

WeChat app apk download for android

In WeChat, you can not only keep in touch with your friends in various ways such as text, voice, video, emoticons, etc.; you can also access millions of official accounts and mini programs, and obtain massive high-quality information and services from them; you can also You can fight side by side with your friends in the world of wechat games and pass the level together; you can also experience the convenience of life brought by the world's leading mobile payment through wechat pay.

WeChat highlights:

1. You can use shortcuts to quickly initiate conversations, send files, and communicate in an instant.

2. When you receive a new message, an instant prompt will pop up, just like on WeChat.

3. Emoji store, interesting and fun expressions are here.

4. Support to hide the contact list, you don't have to worry about being seen by others when you use it in public.

5. Public account, use WeChat to follow celebrities, watch news, and set reminders.

WeChat software features:

1. Real-time location sharing: Share the location with friends without telling them through language.

2. Circle of friends: Share every wonderful moment with your friends and record your own life.

3. Video dynamics: Use short videos to record you at this moment, so that friends can see the truest self.

4. Game: Fight side by side with your friends, don't stop fighting monsters and clear customs (currently limited to some areas).

5. Mini Programs: Massive third-party high-quality services, no installation required, at your fingertips.

6. Privacy protection: Strictly protect the privacy and security of users. It is the only real-time communication application that has passed the truste certification.

7. Rich chat methods: support video, picture, text, voice, geographic location and other methods to chat and interact with friends. If a single chat is not cool enough, you can also set up a group chat with up to 500 people.

8. Audio and video calls: Provide global high-quality audio and video calls, support single chat and group chat.

9. Wechat pay: The world's leading mobile payment experience is here (currently limited to some regions).

10. Emoji Store: Massive dynamic emoticons, including popular cartoon characters and movies, make chatting more lively and interesting.

11. Custom emoticons: Making custom emoticons can best show your personality.

12. Take a look: Discover the hotspots your friends pay attention to and the content you are interested in.

13. Wechat out: ultra-low rates to call mobile or landline phones around the world (not available in some areas).

14. Multilingual: Supports more than 20 language interfaces and supports message translation in multiple languages.

15. Official Account: Massive high-quality information for you to browse.


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