Avast app apk download AntiTrack
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Avast app apk download AntiTrack

Avast app apk download AntiTrack

The latest version of Avast apk is a very easy-to-use Android phone garbage cleaning app. It can automatically scan the phone's garbage and quickly remove it with one click. It can also optimize the performance of the phone and improve the battery life of the phone.

Avast app apk download AntiTrack

To quickly wipe, clear and clean your browsers, thumbnails, empty folders, various caches, as well as identify and delete unwanted RAM cached application data from your device's internal memory and SD card. Organize your phone, clear storage space to make your phone run faster and smoother, and improve speed and performance.

Avast Features:

1. Free up storage space

2. Clean up junk files that waste storage space, such as: invisible cache files, temporary files, thumbnails or historical apk files. Unused data like forgotten spotify songs, saved youtube videos and other files never used.

3. Ad Cache, Empty Folders, and Clipboard Legacy

4. Improve performance, prevent applications with high resource requirements from stealing all resources in the phone, and let the phone perform at its best.

5. Hibernate apps to extend battery life and speed up your phone

Latest Avast Features:

1. Disable applications that consume cpu, battery, memory and traffic

2. Remove preinstalled bloatware and other apps you never use

3. Optimize your photo library

4. Automatically find and check poor quality photos so you can organize your library and free up space.

5. Remove duplicate, similar, old and poor quality photos

6. Optimize photo size and move originals to the cloud

7. Choose a low compression ratio for better print quality, or choose a high compression ratio to save space

8. Make full use of your phone's battery to extend the time you can use your phone.

9. Turn off phone functions when not needed, such as bluetooth, wi-fi, mobile data and background sync

10. Optimize battery usage based on your location (home, office, car, etc.) or low battery conditions

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