GlassWire app apk download Data Usage Monitor
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GlassWire app apk download Data Usage Monitor

GlassWire app apk download Data Usage Monitor

GlassWire Data Usage Monitor is a network firewall tool suitable for ordinary users, which can provide real-time network traffic, network communication monitoring, disconnected application connections, overall network or single application traffic statistics and real-time connection alerts… and other functions.

GlassWire app apk download Data Usage Monitor

GlassWire displays traffic graphically and can be controlled for each networked program, with a simple and intuitive interface that is easy to use. For those users who are very naive about computers, complex antivirus software or firewalls will not be used at all. This graphical networking monitoring tool is recommended here, which allows you to easily manage any networking software in your computer, protect Your computer is not compromised.

GlassWire Features:

1. GlassWire provides a very beautiful and practical graphical interface, we can see a very beautiful flow waveform monitoring screen in the "Graph" tab.

2. Use different colors to display the real-time upload and download traffic data of the network card. It can also display the traffic statistics screen of a single application, and display all the data or the traffic usage of a single application in the form of a pie chart. .

3. You can also change different colors according to your own preferences.

4. In addition to traffic monitoring and statistics, GlassWire also provides a network firewall function. In addition to the usual new applications or software to communicate with the outside world, a warning message will pop up in the lower right corner of the desktop when connecting. ” tab to block the outbound connection function of the specified application to avoid taking up bandwidth or causing other privacy issues.

5. GlassWire also provides remote login and other privacy monitoring and alerting functions. It is a very fresh and easy-to-use firewall widget.

How to use GlassWire:

Step 1: Install and open the GlassWire software. You can see the current computer traffic level (network bandwidth usage) on the “Graph” tab. By default, yellow represents download traffic, and pink represents upload traffic. Alternatively, you can click on a single app to view the real-time traffic screen for that app.

Step 2: The "Firewall" menu can display all currently running applications and their network hosts, IPs and upload and upload traffic. If you want to terminate the external connection of an application, just The flame icon to the left of the program name clicks the left mouse button to immediately disconnect its network connection.

Step 3: The "Usage" tab can display the current traffic statistics of the entire computer's external connection, which can be divided into Month, Week and Day for different time lengths to display the overall and individual application traffic statistics to see which software is used. Most Internet traffic.

Step 4: In addition, as long as the GlassWire software is still running, whenever an application starts to connect externally for the "first time", a warning message will pop up in the lower right corner of the desktop, reminding us that a certain file or software is contacting externally. , let's notice if something goes wrong.

Step 5: All warning messages can be displayed on the "Alerts" tab. Let us check the name, path, version, issuer, etc. of the external thread. Click the "Virus Scan" button to automatically Scan the file for known viruses.

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