Adobe Reader app apk download for android
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Adobe Reader app apk download for android

Adobe Reader software features

1. Manage your PDF files efficiently and for free

Adobe Reader can view, print and manage PDF files without costing you a penny.

2. Quickly find information and pinpoint what you need

After opening PDF files with Adobe Reader, you can use a variety of methods to quickly find relevant information, saving you time and effort

3. No tampering with documents

The author of the published PDF files need not worry about the content of the document is arbitrarily tampered with, the security is very high

Adobe Reader

4. Extremely fast format conversion

Adobe Reader allows you to easily convert PDF files to Word, Excel documents, without downloading the converter

5. A broader interface view

Open PDF files with Adobe Reader so that you can browse more content on one screen to achieve efficient viewing

Adobe Reader software features

Full-featured, supports multiple operations of PDF files

Security protection to protect your computer from malicious code tampering

Save in the cloud, access files from any device, anytime, anywhere

Free and non-toxic, official production, no need to worry about viruses or charges

Adobe Reader installation steps

1, double-click the Adobe Reader installation package downloaded from this site, double-click the executable file to run ready to install. You can also click [cancel] to cancel the installation, wait for the completion of the progress bar will enter the next step.

2, here to choose the installation directory for the software [change Destination Folder], the default is installed in the C disk, you can click this option to customize the installation directory of Adobe Reader.

Click on the file location selection, click on the upward folder symbol on the right side, and choose a suitable installation location for it here. Click [OK] when you are sure. And then click [next] to continue.

3, select the software update method, here you can define according to their own needs. After checking any one, click [install] to install.

Option 1: automatically install the update.

option 2: download the update, and I choose when to install it.

Option 3: Notify me and allow me to choose when to download and install the update.

option 4: manually check and install the update.

4、Please wait patiently while the software is being installed

5, the successful installation will see the following figure, click [finish], exit the installation wizard. So Adobe Reader installation is complete, go to open experience it.

Installation Summary

First of all, download the software installation package of Adobe Reader on this site, unzip it and open the exe file, enter the installation wizard. According to the prompts to follow the steps to install, installation can choose the default installation location to install, you can also customize the installation location. Select the software update method, there are four options for you to choose, you can check as needed. After checking the appropriate shortcut, enter the installation process, wait a little to complete the installation, enjoy the software.

How to use Adobe Reader

How to use Adobe Reader to edit documents?

1, first open the pdf reader, and then click the upper left corner of the file option, in the pop-up drop-down menu, click the [open] option. At this point you can open the local file to edit or read. Of course, if you do not want to open PDF files from within the software, you can also directly find the PDF file you want to read or edit, right click to open the way to choose to open with Adobe Reader, also has the same effect. If there is no document, you can click on the [create pdf online] option, where the creation of an online PDF file.

2, after opening the PDF file, a menu bar will appear on the right, where the layout of some common tools such as: edit pdf, merge content, etc..

3, menu bar details, please see the following chart, you can also click the [Fill & Sign] tab, in the following list to check the specific features to edit pdf text options: such as add text [add text content], add checkmark [add mark] and so on.
4, and finally look at the [comment] tab, use this feature to add some notes to the document, you need to switch the use of partners.

Adobe Reader FAQ

Adobe Reader how to set Chinese?

1, first open the Adobe reader software, enter the Adobe reader interface, find the edit menu in the interface.

2, then click edit menu, find the preference option in its sub-level menu.

3, then click the preference option, enter the preference interface in the interface of the preference to find the language option.

4, click the language option, find the application language option in its interface, you can see that the language is English, click the drop-down arrow to select the same as the operating system option, set it up and reboot.

5, after reboot is the Chinese version. Very simple, set to the Chinese version after more convenient for everyone's operation, so go try it!

Adobe reader has stopped working, how to solve?

This is generally because of the conflict caused by the operation of software programs, and generally related to the network. So we need to prohibit its networking through the relevant permission software. Here Tencent Computer Manager as an example.

1. Open Computer Manager and click on Toolbox.

2. Click on traffic monitoring.

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