Facetune app apk download for android
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Facetune app apk download for android

Facetune Introduction

Facetune is a very simple and practical mobile application that allows users to use Facetune to make their photos more beautiful with different processing. Facetune is very simple and practical to use and is a very good mobile application.

Facetune app apk download for android

Facetune Features

1、Facetune is a fun and powerful portrait and selfie photo editor!

2, Retouch selfies and portrait photos, add artistic effects to them!

3, "Facetune helps you reach Hollywood production levels, even in photos taken on your phone." - Roy Furchgott, The New York Times

4. "I was blown away by the quality of FaceTune's restoration. You're doing Photoshop-like editing in the palm of your hand." - Allyson Kazmucha, iMore

5. "Facetune brings Photoshop-like retouching to people's fingertips." - Victoria Taylor, New York Daily News

Facetune Function

1. The perfect smile

Expand or fine-tune your smile, whiten and brighten your teeth

2、Beautiful skin

Make your skin smooth and vibrant, remove temporary blemishes such as acne and smudges, and brighten the bags under your eyes

3、Bright eyes

Highlight your eyes, make them bright and luminous, change the color of your eyes, eliminate red eyes and white eyes

4、Hair Salon

Turn back the clock and give your gray hair a natural color, fill in bald parts, remove loose hair

5、Reshape facial structure

Fine tune the chin profile, increase the cheekbones and forehead, reshape your nose, expand or contract specific areas of the image, completely transform your face into an alien or other interesting shape

Permission settings

1、Prevent your phone from hibernating and reading your own business card

2、Reorder running apps

3、Pair with Bluetooth devices, change your audio settings

4、Modify the battery usage statistics to adjust your wallpaper size

5、Reset the path of outgoing calls

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