Pikashow app apk download for android
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Pikashow app apk download for android

Pikashow app apk download for android

Pikashow focuses on Bollywood movies and TV series, but you can also find top Hollywood movies in this software.


Play movies/series on the go via mobile network or WiFi, and keep up to date with the latest content from various sources, so you can watch all kinds of blockbusters!

Pikashow Video Category:

1. Pikashow movies are usually musicals.

2. Almost all films have scenes of singing and dancing. Audiences in India expect their money to be worth their money, and the film's performers are often referred to as "paisa vasool," which means "worth the money."

3. Sing and dance, love triangle, comedy, and Daredevil's thrills: all mixed together in a three-hour-long, flamboyant show that includes an intermission.

4. The plot of the film is mostly a popular farce, and there are many formulaic elements in it, such as unfortunate couples, angry parents, corrupt officials, kidnappers, villains with conspiracies, and kind women who have been lost for a long time. relatives and siblings separated by fate, dramatic twists of fate, and convenient coincidences.

Pikashow influence:

Many people say that Bollywood movies are monolithic in form and entertain themselves in content. Watching the first one feels new, and the second one feels the same. Only Indians can admire it so much. But to the world, Bollywood is like India's most beautiful business card, showing the unique charm of Indians.

What Pikashow brings to more people is the dream of fame. 10-year-old Indian boy Master Kisan is undoubtedly one of the most special. He stood calmly beside the camera, directing the Indian movie star Jackie Shilov gradually into the play. He is preparing to break the Guinness World Record for the youngest film director with this film.

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