Save Traffic to Watch Videos – YouTube Go is Here

YouTube Go is a new Youtube Lite Android client that Google has officially released. It is mainly aimed at developing countries and is used to save data traffic and disk usage for users.

The traditional YouTube client does not support offline download, and every time you need to play online, unless you are a YouTube Red member.

YouTube Go

The characteristics of YouTube online playback are that the resolution is automatically adjusted according to the network speed. Under normal circumstances, the more the playback is, the clearer it is. If you use a data network, the more you watch, the more traffic you spend.

YouTube Go is made for this, it offers two video qualities for each video: basic and standard, and tells you the exact size before each play, you can choose to play it online or download it offline for future playback.

This feature saves traffic for a lot of people. Of course the video quality of that basic version is a bit appalling…

And YouTube Go also strives to save traffic in other interfaces, such as no autoplay, low-definition pictures, streamlined homepage (only homepage and saved), and more. Although there are no categories or rankings, you can find all videos and music by searching (some videos cannot be offline to watch according to the uploader's settings, and you can quickly share videos to others.

When the user clicks the watch button, there will be two options for caching video, "Basic Quality" (144p) and "Standard Quality" (360p). The app can't cache HD video for the simple reason that it's designed for users with slow internet speeds and little device memory. Users can also share videos with friends via Bluetooth, but using this feature requires an internet connection as the app performs security checks on incoming videos.

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