What is wish refund? Refund policy introduction of Wish APP

With the development of e-commerce, many sellers choose to open stores on the Wish app.And in the process of operating stores, sellers will also encounter various problems. Sellers need to understand and solve them in time. What is the wish refund? Let's introduce it.

Wish App

Wish's determination of chargeback liability typically takes one of 3 approaches:

1. The responsibility of the buyer.

If the judgment is the responsibility of the buyer, then there is no need for the merchant to bear it. The order has been traded and delivered. Merchants do not have to bear the cost of refunding orders if it is the buyer's responsibility. The buyer will bear the payment for the goods.

2. Seller responsibility

It is determined according to the return rate. If the return rate is high, the corresponding responsibility shall be borne by the merchant. If the return rate is well controlled and within a certain percentage range, the buyer shall bear the responsibility.

3. The responsibility of the platform

If it is determined that the platform is responsible, the payment will be settled to the merchant, and the refund fee will be borne by the platform.

Introduction of wish refund policy:

  1. For refunds made before the order is shipped, the seller will not receive payment.Wish APP Merchant will not receive payment if the order is cancelled or refunded prior to shipping.
  2. All orders returned by the merchant are not eligible for payment.If the desired merchant returns an order, the merchant will not receive payment for the order.
  3. For orders lacking valid or accurate tracking information, the seller is responsible for a full refund.If the tracking information for an order is invalid, incorrect, or missing such information, the seller must be responsible for a full refund of the order.
  4. For confirmed delayed orders, the seller shall issue a full refund.Wish APP Merchant will be 100% responsible for refunds if the fulfillment date is determined to be more than 10 days after purchase.
  5. For orders with extremely late delivery, the seller is responsible for 100% refund.If the order is not confirmed within X days of the order, the seller shall be responsible for 100% of the refund fee for any refund incurred. Click below to see the X for each destination country.
  6. Due to size issues, all refund fees will be borne by the seller.If the desired user requests a refund due to size issues, the seller will bear the full cost of the refund.
  7. If the merchant is involved in a fraudulent order, the merchant shall be responsible for all refund fees.If the merchant engages in fraudulent activity or avoids revenue sharing, the merchant is responsible for the full refund of the fraudulent order.
  8. The seller will be responsible for all refund fees incurred due to item damage during shipping.In the event of a refund due to damage to the item on delivery, the seller is responsible for the full cost of the refund.

Through analysis, we learned what a wish refund is. This is during the transaction if a customer applies for a refund due to certain circumstances, the seller needs to deal with it according to the rules of the platform.

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