Recommendations for the Best Transportation Apps on Android

When international students arrive in the UK, whether they just get off the plane to go to school, or go out to shop and watch exhibitions, they will definitely use transportation apps,such asgooglemap to find their way or even buy tickets.

Today, this blog post will introduce 3 super easy-to-use transportation apps to you, to ensure that you can save money while finding your way easily~

Citymapper APP


Citymapper is a must-have travel app for almost everyone. The reason why many people still use it when they already have Google Maps is that it has achieved the ultimate in planning public transportation travel.

The advantage of Citymapper app is that it supports the mixed use of various means of transportation such as subways and buses when planning routes, providing you with the fastest and most convenient itinerary. And it provides very detailed information, and even includes the subway arrival time and so on.

Citymapper has also launched an "independent" integrated travel card. This card can not only buy train tickets by swiping the bus and subway, but also share bicycles - no longer need to go back and forth with several apps!

By becoming a member, users can accumulate points for discounts and even free rides. Citymapper also has a weekly ticket mode, which is said to be cheaper than an oyster card. Guys can do more research on their own~


Trainline is the most popular rail transit (train) app in the UK and even Europe, with more than 10 million users.

In addition to providing necessary information such as fares and train timetables, the app can also plan the best travel route, update train operations in real time, and notify if there is a train delay or early arrival.

You can not only buy cheaper tickets on it, but also scan the e-ticket directly to enter the station. Ticket buyers with various documents can find the corresponding ticket price options on the app, which is very convenient (even the same-day package to the London Underground can be purchased in combination).

In addition to the domestic train lines in the UK, Trainline can also buy train tickets for continental Europe. It is also very convenient for everyone to go out and play during the holidays~


Although google map and citymapper are enough, it is still recommended that students in London only use tubemap.

This app can be used even without internet, and the signal on the British subway line… everyone knows it.

Students who often take the bus can also take the next London Live Bus Countdown. This app can directly obtain data from TfL, Transport for London, to calculate when the next bus will arrive.

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